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How to Get an Accident Report from the Loveland Police Department

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how to get loveland accident report

Regardless of what direction you think your Loveland car accident claim will go, you should always have a copy of your Loveland, Colorado police report.

The truth is, you never know what direction your claim might take.

Your Loveland police report is the official record of your accident, so you need to know what’s on it to properly pursue your claim and protect your interests.

Because requesting Loveland police reports is not something that you would do on a regular basis, you might not know how to request them.

Luckily, the process of requesting Loveland accident reports is fairly straightforward. Once you have your Loveland accident report, Tenge Law Firm can help you take the next steps.

Requesting Your Loveland Accident Report

If your accident probably occurred within Loveland city limits, the responding officer will have filed your accident report with the department’s records division.

You will need to submit your request to the records division. There are two main ways that you can go about requesting Loveland accident reports: in person or via mail, email, or fax.

In-Person Requests

You can submit your Loveland accident report request form in person at the Loveland Police Department’s physical headquarters.

Their office is located at 810 E.10th Street, Suite 100, Loveland, CO 80537.

The office is open Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM. These hours may exclude holidays.

If your report is available, the turnaround time for an in-person request might be as little as 20 minutes.

Email Mail and Fax Requests

To submit a request online, through the mail, or via fax, you first need to fill out a Records Request Form. After you fill out the necessary information, you will submit the request.

You can fax your request to 970-962-2916, email it to, or mail the request to the department’s records division at 810 E.10th Street, Suite 100, Loveland, CO 80537.

If you have questions about filling out and submitting the request form, you can always call LPD at 970-962-2267.

Loveland Accident Reports: Cost and Timeline

It is important to keep in mind that your accident report is not available for up to 14 days after an accident. This time is necessary for the police department to review the information and properly file it.

There is no charge for reports 20 pages or less. The fee for reports over 20 pages is $5.00, with an additional cost of 0.25$ for every additional page.

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