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Car Accidents | Tenge Law Firm Blog

Are School Buses as Safe as We Believe?

By Tenge Law Firm LLC on May 8, 2020

School buses rank among the safest forms of transportation to take your children to and from school. But accidents can and do happen. Every year, approximately 17,000 children are treated in emergency rooms for school bus injuries, as reported by Stanford Children’s Health. Thanks to modern school bus design, most of the injuries children suffer in bus traffic crashes are minor strains, sprains, scrapes, and bruises.

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What Can You Do If You Are Hit by a Government Vehicle?

By Tenge Law Firm LLC on March 22, 2020

It is not that uncommon to be involved in a collision with a government vehicle. Workers employed by colleges and universities, the city, county, state, or the federal government may drive negligently and cause accidents, the same as any other drivers. But when a government vehicle is involved, the rules are different in a personal injury claim for compensation.

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How Will Colorado’s Status As the 2nd Best Place to Live Affect Traffic?

By Tenge Law Firm LLC on February 27, 2020

Colorado has been elevated to the second best place to live in the U.S., according to a survey published on 24/7 WallSt. This study showed that Colorado residents are likely to live longer, have healthier lives and enjoy a better quality of life. Our population is rapidly increasing, which may have its benefits, but it also means more traffic and traffic crashes.

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Drunk Driving Victims Deserve Justice

By Tenge Law Firm LLC on December 20, 2019

Responsibility is a heady thing. You’re given the freedom to make choices, but if you choose wrong, you must accept the consequences. We wish that every person who has been slapped with a DUI immediately realized what they were doing was dangerous and made a change. But many don’t, and for some people, the very first time they choose to drive while “buzzed” is the last time for someone else.

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Is Denver’s Freeze Here Yet?

By Tenge Law Firm LLC on December 12, 2019

Colorado’s Eastern Plains experienced the first frost of the season on October 3rd, though the Front Range avoided the freezing drop (thanks to a stratus cloud cover). CBS Denver tells us that the average “first freeze” in Denver occurs on October 7th, thought the earliest freeze on record came September 8, 1962; the latest freeze came November 15, 1944.

We celebrate this local history by encouraging Coloradans to bundle up, enjoy the turning of the seasons, take a deep breath for the holidays, and drive extra-cautiously on snowy or slick roads. We see too many car accidents at our firm come winter, and we’d like to share some guidance for readers.

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When Drivers Have Medical Conditions and Crash, Can They Be Sued?

By Tenge Law Firm LLC on November 7, 2019

A car accident can occur when another driver suffers a medical emergency behind the wheel. In these cases, do you have the right to pursue damages by filing a lawsuit? Even when it is clear that the other driver was at fault, does the fact that they suffered a medical emergency make them immune to liability?

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It Wasn’t Me, It Was the Weather!

By Tenge Law Firm LLC on October 30, 2019

A car accident is a terrible experience, and even worse if you were injured. With the uncertain weather in Colorado, drivers face conditions that can be very dangerous, whether rain, snow, or icy road surfaces. If a driver hits you and claims the weather was to blame, what are your chances of achieving a settlement or a jury award in a lawsuit? The answer always lies in the facts.

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How Distracted Are You, Colorado?

By Tenge Law Firm LLC on October 18, 2019

We were all taught to drive defensively, when we earned our licenses. But for most of us, that was before “smart technology” took over. Now that the iPhone, the Android, the Galaxy, and automated vehicle consoles are here to stay, drivers young and old are having a harder time keeping their eyes, their hands, and their focus on the road.

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Posted in: Car Accidents

Don’t Believe Everything You Think You Know About Car Crashes

By Tenge Law Firm LLC on September 12, 2019

Serious car accidents that result in bodily injuries or death are mainstay items in the local news cycle. When it comes to receiving information, news stories are a key resource, and the particular language used in a story can impact public opinion on almost any event.

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Posted in: Car Accidents

Most Dangerous Intersections of Boulder, Fort Collins, and Denver

By Tenge Law Firm LLC on September 3, 2019

Across Boulder, Fort Collins, and Denver, there are more than 1 million people who cross many intersections each day. Even though the city governments make great efforts to review traffic statistics and find possible solutions to reduce accident rates at the most dangerous intersections, they still occur with alarming frequency.

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Posted in: Car Accidents

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