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Signs of a Concussion After a Car Accident in Colorado

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Hitting your head in a car accident, which is a very common occurrence, can cause a concussion to occur. A concussion, which is a form of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), is simply a head injury that affects brain function.

The harsh reality of a concussion is that symptoms might not appear right away. That is exactly why you need to seek immediate medical attention after hitting your head in a car accident. 

If you don’t seek medical attention immediately after your car accident, the defendant or the insurance company will almost certainly assert that your head injury did not occur until some time after your accident (maybe you slipped in the shower, for example).  

Telltale Signs of a Concussion

The following symptoms indicate that you may have suffered a concussion. A concussion may not cause all of these symptoms, however.

Even one such symptom after a head injury, however, should be cause for further investigation. A blow to the head alone, without any symptoms, should prompt you to see a doctor immediately.


Headaches are a telltale sign, especially if you are not normally prone to them. The headache might be qualitatively different from the headaches you typically experience (a stabbing sensation, for example).

Dizziness and Faintness

Dizziness and faintness are common concussion symptoms.

Changes in Your Sleeping Patterns

With a concussion, you are likely to sleep more than usual for the first week or two but have trouble sleeping after that. 


Nausea can be a symptom of a concussion. Vomiting immediately after a head injury is a very strong sign of a concussion.

“Brain Fog”

Has your thinking slowed down? Are you having trouble putting thoughts together? Are you having trouble concentrating? All of these conditions could be concussion symptoms.


You might find yourself unable to remember the accident, and you might even forget that you suffered a head injury. You might even forget events that happened before your head injury.

Loss of Consciousness

Most concussions do not involve a loss of consciousness at any point. In boxing, of course, the object of the game is to cause your opponent to suffer a concussion serious enough to cause unconsciousness.

Do not ignore a loss of consciousness for even a short period.


 A post-concussion seizure is the perhaps most serious symptom of a concussion. A seizure doesn’t have to involve convulsions.

It could involve a momentary loss of consciousness, sudden dizziness, or a temporary loss of your ability to speak. Seizures can be very subtle.

 Car Accident Head Injury Compensation

If you suffered a  car crash head injury, surgery is a real possibility. Not only will surgery increase your medical bills, but it will also make it easier for you to demand higher damages for pain and suffering.

Indeed, if you are in a  car crash that causes a serious head injury, you might suffer a long-term occupational disability, a loss that will require a large amount of compensation

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