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Written by: J. Todd Tenge

Don’t Believe Everything You Think You Know About Car Crashes

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Serious car accidents that result in bodily injuries or death are mainstay items in the local news cycle. When it comes to receiving information, news stories are a key resource, and the particular language used in a story can impact public opinion on almost any event.

In two studies analyzing the role of mainstream media in reporting accidents between drivers and cyclists, experts found significant instances of bias, inaccuracy, and improper wording that impacted how the public viewed the outcome of these accidents. If you find yourself a victim in your own car accident, the language used in news reports could make you shrug off an injury that actually requires serious medical attention. Don’t let the news media influence your perception of an event that you are personally involved in. After any car accident, it’s important to consult with an experienced Boulder personal injury attorney who can give you proper legal guidance.

In collisions with drivers and bicyclists, researchers found that 80% of all crashes were described in passive terms, subtly placing the blame off the human and onto the vehicle. When talking about the bicyclist, common descriptors include the fact that they wore “dark clothing,” and “failed to signal.” This use of language can influence readers to presume that the driver should not be held liable for the accident, often because the bicyclist acted in a way that they construe as negligent.

In reality, the bicyclist may not have acted negligently at all, and the driver is the actual individual who is liable. An attorney who is well-versed in insurance claims is your best resource for determining exactly what you should do after a collision. If you were hit by a car while riding your bicycle, it’s important not to let the opinions of media outlets influence your views of the situation. Wearing dark clothing while riding your bicycle doesn’t automatically make you liable for the accident.

Get Help From the Top Legal Team in Colorado

Even though you may be able to shrug off that shoulder pain, a doctor might take one look and recognize a serious injury. Similarly, while you may look at car accident one way, a seasoned lawyer can assess the situation and show you your real options.

Without getting the insight of an experienced car accident attorney, you may miss the opportunity to be awarded financial compensation that covers your expenses, including medical bills, any lost income, and even emotional pain caused by the accident.

By working with the Tenge Law Firm, LLC, you’ll get a team that knows their way around these claims. We can give you the guidance and support to navigate the difficult landscape of car accident liability. If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident and are feeling lost as to what to do next, give us a call at (303) 665-2929. We have offices in Denver, Boulder, and Fort Collins.

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