Were You Injured in Broomfield, Colorado? We May Be Able to Help

As both a city and a county, Broomfield has a population of about 70,000 people, which isn’t bad compared to Denver’s 700,000 or so. Located about 20 minutes north of Denver and 20 minutes southeast of Boulder, Broomfield gives its residents the convenience of the big city with a more relaxed and nature-filled living.

But with 200 miles of streets, no amount of natural beauty or community planning can prevent all car accidents. The Tenge Law Firm, LLC, has handled many personal injury claims in the Broomfield area, and we offer our services if you or a loved one was seriously injured in a vehicle collision.

We often take cases where the fault is in dispute, so don’t be afraid to call a Broomfield car accident attorney at 303-665-2929.

In a free consultation, we can point you in the right direction as to finding medical providers, working through insurance issues, negotiating a fair settlement for your losses, and more. Contact us today.

Where Crashes Happen in Broomfield

Though new traffic lights are slated for this dangerous stretch of road, the Broomfield Enterprise reported: “From 2011 through 2018, the Sheridan and Preble Creek intersection was the site of numerous crashes… Sheridan and 160th had nine accidents reported, including three with injuries.”

For the last few years, Broomfield has been following up on traffic flow improvements that were first implemented in 2007. They found that the overall number of accidents has increased – 23% over the two-year period of 2015-2017. Most of the crashes took place at these state highway intersections:

  • SH 7 and Huron Street,
  • US 287 and Midway Boulevard,
  • SH 7 and Sheridan Parkway, and
  • SH 7 and Lowell Boulevard.

Almost all of them were rear-end collisions or left-turn collisions. But really, one bad decision is all it takes.

What Can You Do After a Crash with Injuries?

In the immediate aftermath of a wreck, call the police to the scene! This is a state requirement for crashes involving drugs, alcohol, injuries, or death. For any other collision, it is a good idea to file a traffic accident report (DR-447-E) with the City and County of Broomfield, and with the Colorado Department of Revenue.

In any event, you should:

  • Get all the medical care you need. Whether you were rushed by ambulance to Broomfield Hospital or Good Samaritan Medical Center, get treatment first – your health is the most valuable thing. If you don’t have immediate, visible injuries, do see a doctor as soon as possible, just in case. Then, follow all your doctors’ orders and recommendations, and be sure to document your bills. Keep a journal where you talk about how your injuries and treatment are affecting you, day by day. This will help you compile evidence for a claim.
  • Not trust the insurance company. At-fault drivers often dispute that they’re to blame after a collision, and their insurance companies are more than willing to back them up and deny your claim. A common tactic is to offer you a cheap settlement to make you go away. In our experience, even your own insurance company has a vested interest in diminishing your payout. The Tenge Law Firm, LLC, has helped numerous clients get every penny they’re owed out of their policies, especially for underinsured motorists (UIM).

It will never hurt to call a lawyer as soon as you can. Our car accident attorneys offer a free consultation, and if we do handle your case, we take a contingency fee if and when the case is settled – not a penny upfront.

Who You Should Call to Get Justice?

The Tenge Law Firm, LLC, is uniquely positioned to handle accidents that occur in Broomfield. We’ve taken many cases to Broomfield Combined Courts on Descombes Drive, and we have decades of litigation experience – a lot of it involved vehicle accidents. As a full-service, exclusively personal injury firm, we will handle every aspect of your case inside and outside of the courtroom. While you focus on healing and putting your life back in place, we negotiate aggressively with the insurance companies. If they don’t give you a satisfactory settlement, we’ll take them to court. J. Todd Tenge and his team are excellent trial lawyers.

Make an appointment to meet us at our Denver office, or we can come to you if you’re seriously hurt. Call 303-665-2929 to start taking your life back today.