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When you listen to the slogans the insurance companies bombard us with, you might get the impression that insurers exist to help their customers who have paid premiums and suffered a loss. But don’t be misled; insurance companies exist for one reason, and it’s not to help you or make your life easier; it’s to generate profits for their shareholders. More premiums flowing in, fewer payments going out means higher profits, and insurance companies employ adjusters and attorneys to shore up their bottom line by avoiding paying benefits whenever possible, and they have a full arsenal of tactics to use for their purposes. Many insurance companies routinely ignore, delay, deny, and low-ball legitimate claims on the slightest excuse, giving rise to insurance company disputes. It is vitally important that you get into contact with an experienced insurance dispute attorney in Fort Collins, CO.

You may be feeling overwhelming frustration with your insurance company when your attempts to get them to pay your valid claim come to naught. But an insurance policy is a legally binding contract, and a good insurance dispute attorney can provide you with an invaluable service by cutting through excessive red tape and specious excuses to force the company to pay up. In Ft. Collins, Denver, and Boulder, the Tenge Law Firm, LLC is your go-to resource for help when your insurance company balks on paying your claim.

Insurance Bad Faith Claims

In Colorado, the law requires that your insurance company act in good faith when processing your claim. They must investigate in a timely manner and keep you informed of your claim’s status. They need to pay it promptly or and give a valid reason for denying it. Failing to do so may be considered a breach of your insurance contract, or acting in “bad faith,” and you may be entitled to sue them for amount of benefits owed under the terms of your policy, along with attorney fees, filing fees, and court costs, and in some cases, punitive damages. For more than thirty years, the Fort Collins accident attorneys at the Tenge Law Firm, LLC have been handling insurance bad faith claims with excellent results.

According to the American Association for Justice, these are the 10 worst insurance companies for denying claims (and we have dealt with bad faith with other major carriers as well!):

  • Allstate
  • Unum
  • AIG
  • State Farm
  • Conseco
  • WellPoint
  • Farmers
  • UnitedHealth
  • Torchmark
  • Liberty Mutual

Uninsured Motorist Claim Disputes

One area where we see many claim denials and disputes between our clients and their own insurance carriers is Uninsured (or underinsured) Motorist Claims. In spite of Colorado law requiring that all cars on the road carry liability insurance, many drivers allow their policies to lapse. Others carry minimal policies. If you are involved in a car accident with an uninsured or underinsured vehicle, or if the driver has fled the scene of the accident and is never identified, you can turn to your own car insurance policy for compensation if you carry uninsured motorist coverage, even if you are injured as a pedestrian or cyclist.

At the Tenge Law Firm, LLC, we routinely get UIM claims paid for our clients, overcoming the most vigorous insurer resistance.

When you purchase auto insurance in Colorado, the law requires the agent offer you the option of uninsured motorist coverage. If you reject it, you must do so in writing. If you are involved in an accident with an uninsured driver and the company claims that you don’t have the coverage, we will demand written proof. If the company can’t produce it, we are usually able to make them pay up.

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