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Colorado Personal Injury Settlement Calculator: What to Expect 

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Colorado Personal Injury Settlement Calculator: What to Expect 
Colorado Personal Injury Settlement Calculator: What to Expect 

When you are injured due to someone else’s negligence, you have the legal right to seek compensation for your damages.

Naturally, you may be curious about the amount of compensation you can expect. Perhaps you have heard about a realistic settlement calculator.

These calculators provide insight into your known and projected expenses. However, there is a vital element these calculators miss.

Read on to learn more about what values a settlement calculator for personal injury can and can’t calculate. 

How Does a Settlement Calculator for Personal Injury Work?

Colorado law permits the recovery of both economic and non-economic damages in personal injury lawsuits.

However, people using a personal injury settlements calculator will quickly discover that the tool only aids in illustrating the value of your economic losses.

You deserve to recover the total value of your losses in a personal injury case-including non-economic damages. 

Non-economic damages represent the psychological and emotional effects of your injuries. These losses are subjective and not easily quantifiable.

However, despite their intangible character, you should never underestimate their importance. Y

our personal injury attorney analyzes the facts of your case to determine a value for your non-economic damages to ensure you receive the full value of your lawsuit.  

What Factors Impact the Value of My Case? 

Various factors affect the potential value of all personal injury cases. Your attorney analyzes these factors and uses this information to guide negotiations with opposing counsel and insurance companies. 

Severity of Injury

Generally, the more severe your injury, the higher the settlement an injured victim may expect. Victims of spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and amputations obtain larger settlements due to the potential permanence or life-long consequences of these conditions. 

Disruption to Life 

An injury that substantially disrupts an injured victim’s life usually leads to a higher settlement value. The injury may make it difficult or impossible for someone to conduct regular daily activities, including household chores, work, or primary care for themselves. 

Treatment and Recovery 

Injuries requiring extensive rehabilitation, physical therapy, and post-injury treatments yield larger settlement values due to their high medical costs. 


Settlement values also depend on a determination of liability. Colorado law uses a modified comparative negligence law.

If someone is 50% or more at-fault for their accident, they give up the right to receive compensation.

However, if an injured victim is 20% at fault for their injuries, they may still recover compensation, but their percentage of liability reduces their total award. 

There is no realistic settlement calculator that takes into account all these factors. Your case needs the eyes and experience of a qualified personal injury attorney.

With their expertise, your attorney reviews the facts of your case and more accurately determines how these factors can affect your potential settlement value.

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