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Most Dangerous Intersections in Denver

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Most Dangerous Intersections in Denver
Most Dangerous Intersections in Denver

Denver has seen enormous growth over the past decade, adding more than 115,000 residents between 2010 and 2020.

Throughout 2021, Colorado recorded 672 fatal car accidents, 50% higher than the number of deadly accidents registered in 2011.

The heavy concentration of residents in Denver who drive, bike, and walk throughout the city make accidents inevitable. 

Some intersections in Denver see more car accidents on average than others. You might want to know where these dangerous intersections in Denver are and what you can do to avoid them.

Check out our guide below to learn more about hazardous roads in Denver.

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Dangerous Intersections in Denver

According to the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), the most dangerous road in Denver, Colorado, is Colfax Avenue.

Additionally, several intersections along Colfax Ave. see their fair share of crashes. For example, the corner of West Colfax Ave. and Kalamath St. has made the Denver Police Department’s list of intersections with the most recorded accidents every year since 2018.

The intersection with the most recorded accidents in 2021 was the corner of East Colfax Ave. and Colorado Boulevard, tallying 44 accidents between January and December.

West Mississippi Avenue sees its fair share of accidents as well. The intersection at the corner of West Mississippi Ave. and South Santa Fe Drive saw 33 reported car accidents.

Close behind, the intersection at the corner of West Mississippi Ave. and South Platte River Drive saw 32 reported car accidents during 2021. 

North Tower Road and East 56th Avenue intersection reported 31 car accidents in 2021, while the intersection at Colorado Boulevard and East 40th Avenue reported 30 car accidents.

The other dangerous intersections in Denver include:

  • West Alameda Avenue and South Santa Fe Drive;
  • South Quebec Street and East Alameda Avenue;
  • Park Avenue West and North Globeville Road; and
  • Colorado Boulevard and East Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

These intersections recorded the most car accidents in Denver in 2021. 

Most Dangerous Roads in Denver

In addition to dangerous intersections, several interstates cross through Denver. Numerous accidents occur on these interstates every day.

In 2020, approximately 134 car crash fatalities occurred on Interstate 70, which runs east and west through Denver. 

Interstate 25 poses problems to Denver drivers as well. Drivers often encounter a high volume of traffic during rush hour periods and poor weather conditions. 

What Should I Do After an Accident?

The aftermath of a car accident is typically stressful but essential. Many people panic after an accident and fail to preserve information that can help prove their case. After an accident, you should:

  • Seek medical attention,
  • Contact law enforcement,
  • Obtain information from any potential witnesses; and
  • Document any damages incurred as a result of the accident.

After you complete these steps, contact an attorney at Tenge Law Firm to represent you in your accident claim.

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