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There is an old saying in our profession: “great facts, and great law, make great lawyers.” In other words, any decent lawyer can achieve a large settlement or verdict when there is a lucrative insurance policy (or the unlimited assets of a corporation) and the client’s injuries are catastrophic. We have certainly done that.

However, more often than not, people are not injured by someone with unlimited assets or a lucrative insurance policy. The facts may not be so favorable. Often, it is not entirely clear what injuries were caused by the accident. Sometimes, the amount of insurance available to cover the loss is not easy to figure out. Many times, the insurance company will refuse to pay any money whatsoever until a highly skilled trial lawyer takes them to task. In these instances, it takes a GREAT lawyer to get GREAT RESULTS. This is what we do day in and day out.

At the Tenge Law Firm, LLC, our goal is to achieve the best possible result for our clients as soon as possible. Each case and each client is different, so we work directly with clients to meet their needs for medical care and personal situation. We have enjoyed great success, with exceedingly high client satisfaction, using this approach. Some examples include:

$1,350,000 (policy limits) - Auto accident with orthopedic injuries to foot, ankle, and leg

Our client was a married mother of two, on her way to work in south Denver when an oncoming vehicle crossed over the double yellow and hit her head-on. She sustained significant injuries to her lower leg, foot, and ankle, requiring multiple surgeries and hospitalization. The key here was investigating the at-fault driver and uncovering all available insurance policies to compensate her for her injuries, damages, and losses. We were able to uncover three insurance policies totaling $1.35 million, which we obtained in settlement for her.

$1,100,000 - Construction site accident

Our client was injured at a construction site due to a subcontractor negligently moving materials around. Our client subsequently developed severe complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) as a result of his injuries. The subcontractor and its attorneys refused to acknowledge liability, but ultimately paid over 1 million dollars three months before trial.

$1,050,000 (policy limits) - Trucking accident with low back injuries

A long-haul truck driver was rear-ended by another big rig, leaving him with lower back injuries that required surgery. We utilized experts in the field of economics and vocational rehabilitation to establish that his earning capacity as an over-the-road truck driver was diminished due to his back injury. We were able to obtain a settlement for the insurance policy limits of $50,000 and $1,000,000, for a total recovery for our client in the amount of $1.05 million.

$1,025,000 - Motorcycle accident resulting in traumatic brain injury and orthopedic injuries

​Our client was riding her motorcycle when an individual driving a F-250 truck pulled out in front of her. She sustained broken bones and a traumatic brain injury. The driver of the truck disputed liability and claimed that she was traveling too fast, when she was not. Ultimately, the truck driver’s insurance company compensated our client approximately two months before trial.

$1,000,000 - Auto accident resulting in death

Our client’s husband was tragically killed due to severe cranial injuries when a semi-truck collided with his vehicle and forced it off I-70. We obtained a settlement for insurance policy limits prior to filing a lawsuit.

$950,000 - Car accident with brain injury and orthopedic injuries

Our client and her husband were traveling from Montana to Denver to visit family. While heading southbound on I-25 near Loveland, they were rear-ended at a high rate of speed by a teen driver with a permit. The teen’s father was in the car, but we established he wasn’t paying attention, which is required of parents driving with their permit-holding teen drivers. Our client sustained a significant brain injury and some orthopedic injuries, which actually resolved. The insurance company offered their first attorney nothing. The attorney recommended they hire the Tenge Law Firm, LLC, to take her case into litigation. After litigating the case in both Montana and Colorado, and preparing the case for trial, we were able to obtain a total of $950,000 from three different insurance policies.

$812,000 - Auto accident case with lower back injuries

​Our client was rear-ended and sustained significant lower back injuries. She required spine surgeries to correct the pain. The limit of the applicable insurance policies was $600,000. However, our law firm was able to collect an additional $212,000, above and beyond the insurance policy, to settle a separate lawsuit against her insurance company for its bad faith in handling her underinsured motorist claim.

$700,000 - Motorcycle accident with orthopedic injuries

We had the pleasure of representing a motorcyclist in his late 50s who sustained significant injuries to his lower back, hip, and pelvis when another motorist turned left in front of him in Northern Colorado. He required emergency surgery and extensive hospitalization. Before litigation, the insurance company offered an insulting $140,000 to resolve his claims. We filed a lawsuit and took on the insurance company for nearly a year. We were very excited to resolve the claim for our deserving client in the amount of $700,000 about two months before trial.

$675,000 - Trip-and-fall at retail store with fractured hip

The Tenge Law Firm, LLC, represented a wonderful older woman who was shopping at a local retail store and tripped on what we saw as an open hazard existing on the premises. We brought a premises liability claim for her trip-and-fall injuries, damages, and losses. She had surgery and was confined to an inpatient facility for many weeks. The retailer originally denied liability for her fall, but we ultimately resolved the claim for $675,000 for our extremely deserving client.

$600,000 (policy limits) - Rear-end car accident with lower back injuries requiring surgeries

We obtained the full policy limits - $300,000 from the other driver, and $300,000 under an underinsured motorist policy - for our client, a young woman who was rear-ended by another driver in Fort Collins. She sustained serious lower back injuries, as well as neck and shoulder injuries. Her back injury necessitated several surgeries. The UIM insurance company originally offered her $0 to resolve her claim.

$575,000 (policy limits) - Auto accident involving extensive preexisting orthopedic injuries

We represented a man who was involved in a minor car accident, where he reinjured his foot, ankle, and knee. The case was complicated, and several personal injury firms in Fort Collins and Loveland would not take the case because of our client’s extensive history of injuries. The difficulty was he had prior injuries and surgeries to the same body parts. The insurance companies originally refused to pay. Ultimately, we filed suit and obtained a settlement for him from three different insurance policies, for a total of $575,000.

$575,000 - Auto accident resulting in orthopedic injuries

​Our client was injured when a vehicle pulled out in front of him from a parking lot, causing a T-bone accident. Our client re-injured his right ankle, which had been injured prior to this crash. The insurance companies involved tried to blame the injuries on our client’s preexisting issues with his right ankle. Ultimately, we made the insurance company take responsibility after filing a lawsuit, and they compensated our client with full policy limits for the exacerbation of his prior ankle injury.

$525,000 (policy limits) - Wrongful death automobile accident

We had the distinct honor to represent a young mother whose husband was killed in an auto crash in Northeast Colorado. The difficulty was that both the other driver and our client’s husband were speeding excessively down back-country roads when the collision happened. The other driver’s insurance company argued “comparative fault.” We were able to resolve this case for our client and her children during litigation for the full amount of both insurance policies ($500,000 and $25,000).

$525,000 - Car accident resulting in concussion, headaches, neck and back pain, and a knee injury

We obtained a total settlement $525,000 by determining there were a total of three insurance policies that covered a middle-aged, self-employed businessman who suffered a concussion, headaches, neck and back pain, and a knee injury in a car accident. The case settled after significant litigation.

$520,000 - Bicyclist injured in car accident

After handling this case to within a couple weeks of trial, the Tenge Law Firm, LLC, obtained a $520,000 settlement for a cyclist who suffered multiple orthopedic injuries in a car accident. Available insurance limits were $600,000. The insurance offer before we filed suit was $75,000.

$500,000 - Automobile accident causing multiple injuries and business losses

We obtained a $500,000 trial verdict in favor of our client, a young professional who was injured in an automobile accident and suffered a soft-tissue neck injury, with headaches and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. She lost business due to this crash. The insurance offer before trial was $25,000.

$450,000 - GM airbag deployment failure

We filed a young woman’s case in multi-district litigation (MDL) against General Motors (GM) for auto product defects. Specifically, the GM ignition switch in our client’s Saturn was defective, resulting in complete airbag deployment failure. Despite several law firms declining her case, the Tenge Law Firm, LLC, was happy to represent her and get her a sizeable recovery for the orthopedic injuries to her leg, despite the fact that the accident was her fault. We believe airbags ought to function properly to prevent injury, whether the driver is at fault or not.

$450,000 - Pedestrian hit by car

Our client was hit by a car while crossing the street in downtown Denver. She sustained a severely fractured leg, requiring surgery. We obtained a policy limits settlement with the at-fault driver’s insurance company, then obtained an additional $200,000 by making a claim against her own underinsured motorist policy, for a total of $450,000. We resolved her health insurance lien of nearly $110,000 for $20,000, put all that extra money in our client’s pocket.

$425,000 (policy limits plus) - Motorcycle accident with orthopedic injuries to legs and shoulder

Our client was severely injured when an elderly driver turned left in front of him. He was a young professional in his late 20s at the time, and was forced to undergo multiple surgeries and extensive hospitalizations. The challenge we faced was that there was limited insurance of only $125,000. Further, the health insurance subrogation claim was well over $400,000 - which would have completely depleted any recovery for our client. Through extensive litigation against the at-fault driver, in which he ultimately contributed $300,000 from his personal bank account, and months of negotiations with the health insurance subrogation company, we managed to obtain $425,000 for our client and reduce the health subrogation claim by 70%.

$400,000 - Exploding vape pen injured the face and eyes of a teenager

We took on this defective product case involving a “vape pen,” which exploded near our client’s face due to a faulty battery made overseas. Many local law firms were unable to handle this complex liability matter - especially since it involved multiple defendants, many of whom were in China. We resolved the case about a month before trial for $400,000.

$375,000 - Car accident with multiple injuries

After filing suit and getting within a month of trial, we obtained a policy limits settlement for a woman in a car accident who sustained multiple neck and back injuries, including thoracic outlet syndrome, requiring surgery. We made claims and received all available insurance money on three different insurance policies.

$375,000 - Slip-and-fall in a retail store

We won a hard-fought settlement after over a year of litigation for a woman who slipped and fell on a small, clear substance while shopping at a big-box retail store in Brighton. She sustained a fractured hip, requiring surgeries. The big-box retailer completely denied liability before we filed suit, and refused to pay anything. They persisted in this denial, but ultimately paid our client $375,000.

$350,000 - Moped rider hit by car

We obtained a policy limits settlement in the amount of $350,000 for a woman on a moped who was hit by a car and sustained injuries to her foot, ankle, and wrist, requiring multiple surgeries. The at-fault driver only had $100,000 in insurance coverage, and our client only had $25,000 in underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage – providing a total of $125,000. The key to the case was our ability to force the underinsured motorist carrier to raise our client’s UIM limits from the $25,000 she purchased to a full $250,000 – increasing the money our client received 10X.

$350,000 (policy limits) - Bicycle accident with head, neck, and shoulder injuries

We helped an injured bicyclist recover policy limits of $100,000 and $250,000, for a total of $350,000, after being hit by a car and sustaining neck, shoulder, and head injuries.

$350,000 (policy limits) - Car accident causing brain and back injuries despite minimal damage to car

Our client primarily sustained post-concussive symptoms as the result of a relatively modest-speed car accident. We obtained the full policy limits from the at-fault driver in the amount of $100,000, despite the insurance company arguing our client didn’t sustain a head injury. We recovered the full $250,000 in UIM benefits owed to her by her own insurance company.

$350,000 - Slip-and-fall on ice at shopping mall with leg fracture and surgery

We represented a young woman in her 20s who slipped and fell on a small patch of ice outside a shopping mall and fractured her leg, which required surgery. The shopping mall vehemently denied liability and refused to pay our client for her injuries, damages, and losses. We investigated the scene and realized the property owner had created a dangerous ice condition due to a faulty roofline and gutter system. After we filed suit and litigated the case for over a year, the mall owner’s insurance company paid our client $350,000.

$350,000 (policy limits) - Auto accident with neck and back injuries, knee injury and head injury

Our client was hit head-on by a young driver. She sustained multiple soft-tissue injuries, which did not require surgery. We were able to recover the full policy limits of the other driver’s insurance and our client’s UIM coverage.

$350,000 (policy limits) - Car accident causing low back injuries

We represented a young man with a history of drug problems and a criminal record. Despite the insurance company’s attempts to discredit him and scare him off, our team held steadfast and ultimately obtained a FULL recovery of $350,000. His medical bills were paid, and he was doing well when we resolved his case.

$350,000 (policy limits) - Auto accident with neck, back, knee, and head injuries

Our client was hit while turning left on a green light. The insurance companies originally rejected his injuries as “not serious” or worth much money at all. The case was worth much more, and we fought to make sure both insurance companies paid out the maximum allowable under their policies of $100,000 and $250,000, for a total of $350,000.

$350,000 (policy limits) - Bicycle accident with head and neck injuries

We represented a gentleman in his 50s who was struck while riding his bicycle home from work. He sustained facial lacerations, as well as head and neck injuries. We were able to get him the full policy limits of all available insurance funds without needing to file a lawsuit, and we did it within six months of his injury.

$325,000 - Auto accident resulting in traumatic orthopedic injuries and brain injury

​Our client was traveling on Highway 52 in Dacono when a vehicle turned directly in front of them, causing a T-bone collision. Our client suffered a broken leg that required extensive surgery, disc herniation, and a mild traumatic brain injury. We were able to obtain all available insurance coverage in less than a year.

$325,000 - Auto accident resulting in traumatic brain injury and orthopedic injuries

Our client was injured significantly by a drunk driver. Before litigation, both involved insurance companies claimed there was no insurance to cover our client’s claims. After approximately eight months, and shortly after two lawsuits were initiated in state and federal court, the insurance companies provided coverage to our deserving client and paid the full amount available under the policies.

$312,000 - Car crash with multiple injuries

A woman in her early 40s with a history of migraines was involved in a car crash, where her primary injury was neck pain and increased migraines. After litigating the case, the Tenge Law Firm, LLC, obtained a $312,000 settlement with the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

$300,000 (policy limits) - Auto accident with neck and back injuries, concussion

We recovered full policy limits for a woman injured in a car accident. We used experts to develop the wage and employment loss caused by the accident, which was key to getting the money prior to filing long, protracted litigation.

$300,000 - Four-car accident resulting in vertebral fracture and facial injuries

Our client was driving home from work on Highway 7 in Broomfield when she was rear-ended at 45 mph, which resulted in a four-car collision. Our client sustained severe injuries to her face, neck, shoulders, and ribs. In just over two years, the insurance companies tendered all available insurance coverage to our client.

$300,000 - Auto accident resulting in orthopedic injuries

​Our client was traveling on Highway 7 in Broomfield when the driver of another vehicle had a heart attack and slammed into our client, causing a head-on collision. The driver of the vehicle and her attorneys aggressively disputed liability throughout the lawsuit, but eventually paid the claim one month before trial.

$300,000 (policy limits) - Auto accident involving preexisting injuries and conditions

We took on a case other law firms would not because it was complex. Using our trial skills and medical knowledge, we were able to obtain full amounts of both insurance policies for an older man, who had similar injuries prior to the injuries he got in a car accident. We were able to show that his preexisting conditions got significantly worse after the at-fault party crashed into him on the highway.

$300,000 (policy limits) - Car wreck with injuries to brain, head, face, and neck

We represented a nurse who was unable to work for a couple months after being injured in a car crash. We made sure her medical bills were paid and she got the best care possible. We then obtained the full amount of all available insurance policies without the need to put her through a lengthy and stressful trial.

$275,000 - Car accident requiring multiple surgeries

We obtained a policy limits settlement for a client who sustained a torn hip ligament during a car accident, requiring three surgeries. This was a disputed liability case in which the at-fault driver’s insurance company originally denied all liability for the accident and refused to pay any money. Moreover, we were able to get our client’s health insurance subrogation claim completely waived, so she did not have to reimburse her health plan for a significant sum in paid medical care.

$275,000 - Auto accident resulting in herniated lumbar disc

​Our client was the front-seat passenger in a vehicle traveling on CR 13 in Weld County when they T-boned a vehicle that ran a stop sign. Our client suffered a herniated lumbar disc, sciatica, and radiculopathy. He went through extensive treatment, including Facet Block injections, epidural steroid injections, and radio frequency thermocoagulation. In less than two years, our client was paid the full amount of insurance coverage available to him.

$260,000 - Client hit by drunk driver

After filing a lawsuit, and nearly a year of litigation against two insurance companies, we obtained a $260,000 settlement for a chiropractor who was injured by a drunk driver. He sustained injury to his lower back, which did not require surgery, and also a concussion, which was resolved. He also had income losses. The UM insurance carriers’ initial offer was $26,400 before we filed suit.

$250,000 (policy limits) - College student injured while operating her scooter near campus

Our client was rear-ended by a drunk driver while riding her scooter near the University of Colorado Boulder campus. She sustained a mild traumatic brain injury and post-concussive syndrome. The insurance company for the drunk driver offered a mere $65,000 and argued her symptoms were gone after a couple of months - which they were not. We filed suit and litigated the case to very near trial. The insurance company paid the full amount of the policy limits (i.e., “all the money” available). Our young client was also able to get her medical treatments paid for completely.

$250,000 (policy limits) - Car accident with mild traumatic brain injury

Our client was a middle-aged woman who sustained a concussion after being rear-ended by another vehicle. Despite our client having minimal medical treatment and no demonstrable wage losses, we were able to obtain a policy limits settlement from the other driver’s insurance company without a lawsuit.

$250,000 - Car accident with concussion and other injuries

We obtained a policy limits settlement for our elderly client, who sustained a concussion, neck, and shoulder injuries in a car accident. Additionally, we were able to waive our client’s healthcare subrogation lien.

$250,000 - Rear-end auto accident

Our client was traveling on Colorado 36 pulling a horse trailer when she was rear-ended at 55 mph. Our client broke her nose, and suffered chronic migraines, back pain, and radiculopathy. After a three-year battle, our client was finally given the settlement she deserved from the insurance companies.

$240,000 - Auto accident with neck, back, and wrist injuries

We represented a young lady in her early 20s who was rear-ended by another driver in Boulder County. She required surgery on her injured wrist. In order to obtain full and just compensation, we pursued two different lawsuits against three different insurance companies. We resolved the claims very near the date of trial. We collected $240,000 for her, when the highest offer from the insurance companies before we were involved was $34,000.

$230,000 - Rear-end car accident

An elderly gentleman was rear-ended at a slow rate of speed at a railroad crossing in Boulder, injuring his cervical spine. He had a cervical fusion with a good recovery.

$200,000 - Auto accident with facial injuries

Full policy limits settlement for an elderly gentleman who sustained facial wounds and significant trauma in a car accident. We resolved the lien Medicare claimed on his settlement as well.

$200,000 - Car accident resulting in facture requiring surgery

A middle-aged man was injured in a Denver car accident, where he sustained a fractured hand, requiring surgery. He had wage loss, since he couldn’t use his hand for several months. Although it appeared the at-fault driver only had $100,000 in insurance coverage, we determined we could “stack” two policies together, and obtained the fully policy limits of $200,000 for him.

$200,000 - Cyclist hit by motorist

Our client was cycling near Estes Park where he was hit by a motorist, sustaining several orthopedic injuries. We were able to secure him full policy limits between two insurance policies of $100,000 each, for a total pre-litigation resolution of $200,000. Our client did not have health insurance, but we were able to get his hospital and other medical bills reduced substantially so he received a majority of the settlement, despite the fact that his original medical expenses exceeded $200,000.

$190,000 - Passenger injured in auto accident

Our client sustained a lower back injury and a fractured arm while riding as a passenger in a car in Louisville. He had a history of prior back complaints, but did sustain wage loss and wasn’t able to use his arm for a couple of months.

$190,000 - Automobile accident with injuries

Our client, a medical provider in town, was involved in an automobile accident in Boulder where he sustained hip and back injuries. He had a preexisting hip condition for years prior to the accident, and did not require surgery. We obtained a policy limits settlement ($100,000) from the insurance company of the at-fault driver, then made a claim for underinsured motorist benefits ($90,000), for a total of $190,000.

$190,000 - Car accident with head injury

Our client sustained a head injury in a car crash. His long-term disability insurance company denied his claim and offered him nothing - they denied he was injured at all, and denied liability. He was only four years from retirement, when the disability policy would have been null and void in any event. We sued the disability insurance company and within two months, we obtained $190,000 for our client.

$188,000 - Motorcycle hit resulting in fracture and surgery

We obtained a $188,000 settlement for a college student who suffered a fractured leg, requiring surgery, after a car illegally turned in front of him while he was riding his motorcycle.

$172,000 - Passenger on motorcycle suffered injuries in a crash

We obtained a $172,000 settlement for a college student who suffered a concussion and a fractured foot, requiring surgery, after a car illegally turned in front of her while she was riding as a passenger on a motorcycle in Boulder.

$130,000 - Rear-end trucking accident

Our client sustained neck and back injuries after being involved in a rear-end trucking accident. We obtained a $130,000 settlement without having to file a lawsuit.

$120,000 - Slip-and-fall at fast food restaurant

We represented an older woman who slipped and fell at a fast food restaurant in Greeley. Her primary injury was a torn meniscus in her knee, which was surgically repaired. She had no wage loss and was previously on disability for over a decade. Despite a history of knee problems, we filed suit and settled the case in litigation for $120,000.

Other results include:

    • Multiple settlements for the insurance policy limits of $250,000 to clients with neck, back, brain, spine, orthopedic, and other accident-related injuries.
    • Multiple settlements for the insurance policy limits of $200,000 to clients with neck, back, brain, spine, orthopedic, and other accident-related injuries.
    • Multiple settlements for the insurance policy limits of $100,000 to clients with neck, back, brain, spine, orthopedic, and other accident-related injuries.
    • Multiple arbitration awards which exceeded policy limits of our client’s uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage.

Over $5 million recovered in each of the last three years for our select number of clients

Nearly $35 million recovered in the last seven years alone.

In the last 10 years, we’ve recovered over $50M for a select group of clients.

Hiring an attorney to represent you or a family member after an injury is one of the most important things you will do. The lawyer you choose can make a difference for your family’s future. Choose carefully. For more testimonials, client ratings, and peer endorsements, see our Testimonials Page.

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