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Ray R.

Personal Injury Client

I had a VERY difficult auto accident case where I was rear ended by a truck while I was waiting at a red light….I suffered significant injuries to my back and neck. AMEX lawyers dragged me through the mud in court to try to discredit me. Todd was amazing in court, fending off the behemoth AMEX and all their high powered lawyers. His closing summary was so eloquent and compelling that it should have been in a movie! We won our case despite AMEX throwing the kitchen sink at us. Todd endured what was a very difficult court case, and we prevailed because of his outstanding work, start to finish. I highly recommend Todd…a wonderful attorney with high principles, integrity, and amazing work ethic.

I rate Todd A+.


Personal Injury Client

I have used Todd both for my own personal lawsuit, as well as referring dozens of my patients to him for their own personal injury cases. He is truly a professional, while at the same time he is available to his clients on a personal and “real world” level.


Personal Injury Client

I have been referring patients of mine to Todd for 10 years. Those patients only have great things to say about Todd’s professionalism and tenacity. When I was involved in a car accident over 3 years ago, I hired Todd to represent me. Todd was able to litigate my case so well that I received a huge settlement and was not bothered by the insurance company one step of the way. He has the ability to take the stress off of the situation and handles everything for you. Todd is the best around!!!


Personal Injury Client

I have to say Mr Tenge did an amazing job way more then I expected went way above and beyond anything I imagined. I would recommend his services to anyone that is in need of a great lawyer.


Personal Injury Client

Todd Tenge knew how to successfully deal with all the situations that came my way during this very difficult time in my life. He listened, showed compassion, explained everything in detail, encouraged me and continued open lines of communication at all times. His office staff was caring, professional and efficient. I am very grateful to Todd and his Team!


Personal Injury Client

Todd is not only a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer, but a decent and kind person as well. I felt like his life experiences gave him invaluable insight. I would highly recommend him to anyone that has a personal injury and is in need of a lawyer.


Personal Injury Client

I engaged the Tenge Law Firm, LLC for a second opinion on a case in progress. Unfortunately, based on my contingent agreement and the status of my MVA case with my current lawyer, Mr. Tenge could not accept my case, but he provided clear communications and information on key steps which my lawyer had failed to initiate. With just a short phone call, he was able to provide peace of mind and clarity based on his experience that I brought forward to my lawyer. Thank you!


Personal Injury Client

I have found them to be straightforward and excellent to work with. All through the process they were readily available to answer any questions that I had. They were aggressive in moving my case forward in a timely manner to its conclusion. I recommend them highly.


Personal Injury Client

I came to Tenge Law Firm, LLC as it was highly recommended by my acupuncturist whom had received their services some time ago. My experience from the time I first called James Todd Tenge to set up an appointment regarding my case was smooth and efficacious. The settling of my case was complicated and not without challenge. Thank you to the hard work of Todd and his outstanding team of paralegals, I was able to obtain twice the amount expected and receive outstanding medical attention on his recomnmendation. Every step of the way I was treated with utmost respect, kindness and transparency regarding my case. I highly recommend this law firm and the amazing work they do for this community and individuals such as myself.


Personal Injury Client

I was involved in a car accident in 2011. The negligent driver hit me from behind and pushed me into the car in front of me. Two years later, I was still struggling with the other driver’s insurance company; and at the same time going through various medical treatment. That’s when we contacted Tenge Law Firm, LLC.

Todd and his team immediately started to work on my case. They explained the procedure to me with detail. They answered my questions/concerns with empathy. They make me feel comfortable and I know I can trust them to represent me for my best interest. Not only were they courteous and friendly, they were also knowledgable and thorough. We were dealing with a very difficult and obstinate insurance company. Todd and his team, with their solid legal expertise, relentless work ethic and unyielding representation during the negotiation, brought complete justice for me in this case. I couldn’t be happier about this.

I highly recommend Todd and his team! I am forever grateful for all the hard work they’ve put into my case.

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