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When Drivers Have Medical Conditions and Crash, Can They Be Sued?

By Colorado Personal Injury Attorney on November 7, 2019

A car accident can occur when another driver suffers a medical emergency behind the wheel. In these cases, do you have the right to pursue damages by filing a lawsuit? Even when it is clear that the other driver was at fault, does the fact that they suffered a medical emergency make them immune to liability?

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Posted in: Car Accidents

It Wasn’t Me, It Was the Weather!

By Colorado Personal Injury Attorney on October 30, 2019

A car accident is a terrible experience, and even worse if you were injured. With the uncertain weather in Colorado, drivers face conditions that can be very dangerous, whether rain, snow, or icy road surfaces. If a driver hits you and claims the weather was to blame, what are your chances of achieving a settlement or a jury award in a lawsuit? The answer always lies in the facts.

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Posted in: Car Accidents

Do You Have an “Actionable” Personal Injury Case?

By Colorado Personal Injury Attorney on October 22, 2019

If you have been injured and believe someone else is to blame, you may wonder whether you have a personal injury case.

Your civil claim, to be successful, must have several elements. Colorado law makes it possible to seek compensation for accident-related expenses, but if you are partially responsible for what occurred, resolving your case can be more complicated – which is why you need a strong attorney on your side.

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Posted in: Personal Injury

How Distracted Are You, Colorado?

By Colorado Personal Injury Attorney on October 18, 2019

We were all taught to drive defensively, when we earned our licenses. But for most of us, that was before “smart technology” took over. Now that the iPhone, the Android, the Galaxy, and automated vehicle consoles are here to stay, drivers young and old are having a harder time keeping their eyes, their hands, and their focus on the road.

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Posted in: Car Accidents

The Struggle to Protect Children From Dog Bites

By Colorado Personal Injury Attorney on September 20, 2019

As stated in a Science Daily article, approximately 4.7 million people in the U.S. are bitten by dogs every year, and 20% of the victims require medical attention for their resulting injuries. Children ages five to nine years old account for most of the victims who receive medical attention. Children have a much higher risk of injury from dog bites than adults.

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Posted in: Dog Bites

Don’t Believe Everything You Think You Know About Car Crashes

By Colorado Personal Injury Attorney on September 12, 2019

Serious car accidents that result in bodily injuries or death are mainstay items in the local news cycle. When it comes to receiving information, news stories are a key resource, and the particular language used in a story can impact public opinion on almost any event.

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Posted in: Car Accidents

Most Dangerous Intersections of Boulder, Fort Collins, and Denver

By Colorado Personal Injury Attorney on September 3, 2019

Across Boulder, Fort Collins, and Denver, there are more than 1 million people who cross many intersections each day. Even though the city governments make great efforts to review traffic statistics and find possible solutions to reduce accident rates at the most dangerous intersections, they still occur with alarming frequency.

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Posted in: Car Accidents

Dog Bites 101

By Colorado Personal Injury Attorney on August 31, 2019

Dogs are some of the most loyal, dedicated, and helpful friends anyone can have. There’s no question why they are referred to as “man’s best friend.” But when a dog gets scared or becomes aggressive, it can lash out at unsuspecting victims. Being bitten is extremely dangerous, with possible infection of the rabies virus, disfigurement, and a host of other complications.

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Posted in: Dog Bites

J. Todd Tenge Given Clients’ Choice Award 2019

By Colorado Personal Injury Attorney on August 27, 2019

J. Todd Tenge has been honored with Avvo’s Clients’ Choice Award for 2011, 2012, 2013, 2017, and now, 2019.

This award is given to attorneys who consistently achieve top client ratings on their Avvo profiles; in Mr. Tenge’s case, he has 5/5 stars in reviews, and a “perfect” 10 overall Avvo rating.

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Posted in: Firm News

What to Know If You Are Involved in a Truck Accident

By Colorado Personal Injury Attorney on July 27, 2019

Being involved in an accident with a semi-truck can be one of the most traumatic experiences imaginable. Because 18-wheelers are substantially larger and heavier than passenger vehicles, the damage and injuries that result from a collision are much more severe than they would be with a smaller and lighter vehicle.

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Posted in: Truck Accidents

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