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Average Personal Injury Settlement Amounts in Colorado

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average personal injury settlement
average personal injury settlement

When you sustain an injury due to a negligent party, you may have several questions. One of those questions may be what the value of your case is or what are the average personal injury settlement amounts examples in Colorado.

When searching for an answer on the internet, you may come across different answers. So, which average is the most accurate?

Here’s why determining a true average personal injury settlement amount is nearly impossible and the various factors that go into calculating personal injury settlements.

Average Personal Injury Settlement in Colorado

In Colorado, the average personal injury settlement amount is typically around 150% of the economic damages incurred by the victim. For instance, if someone experiences $20,000 in economic damages, they can expect a typical settlement of approximately $30,000. It’s important to note that actual settlement figures may vary widely based on individual circumstances.

Many websites claim to provide the average personal injury settlement for personal injury cases. Unfortunately, a lot of these averages are misleading for a few different reasons.

First, any average found on the internet doesn’t include confidential settlements.

While some cases may have a published settlement amount, others aren’t publicly released for case-specific legal reasons. Without those amounts included in the calculation, the average is simply a guess.

Second, averages don’t take into account the unique variables in any given claim.

For example, an average of $40,000 may be inaccurate for cases involving severe injuries that result in permanent disability. Likewise, a $1,000,000 settlement is unlikely for a claim involving minor scrapes or bruises.

Finally, many of these averages vary because of state laws limiting recovery. In some states, there are limits to the amount of damages you may recover depending on the cause of the personal injury.

Colorado, for instance, has a non-economic damages cap for most personal injury cases.

Currently, the non-economic damages cap is $642,180 for any injury to one person in a single incident between January 1, 2022, and December 31, 2023. 

Why a Personal Injury Settlement Calculator Isn’t Accurate

Even if you try using an online personal injury settlement calculator, the result may be far from the actual value of your claim.

While online calculators help determine the extent of economic damages—such as medical bills, vehicle repairs, or lost wages—they cannot accurately estimate non-economic damages.

That’s because non-economic damages are intangible and don’t have a set financial cost.

These are things like pain and suffering, reduced quality of life, and disfigurement.

In fact, these damages are so different from case to case that lawyers each have their own formula or method for calculating them.  

Personal Injury Settlement Amounts Examples

average personal injury settlement Colorado

Personal injury settlement amounts examples of personal injury settlements online rarely break down how they’re calculated.

This may be because of how many factors are at play.

However, understanding what goes into calculating personal injury settlements is crucial knowledge for those considering a claim.

Consider the following fictional example:

John gets into a car accident at a 4-way stop sign when another driver negligently plows through the intersection without stopping. As a result, John has $100,000 in economic damages: $60,000 for his injuries, $20,000 in lost wages, and $20,000 for vehicle replacement. His injury not only requires an extensive recovery that may take years, but it also causes chronic pain and limits his movement. Since he is an avid hiker, John becomes increasingly depressed since he’s stuck at home. His attorney decides to multiply his economic damages by three as a representation of his non-economic damages. This brings John’s total damages to $300,000.

As you can see from the example, the victim has some intangible losses that may not apply to others. In this case, the lawyer just multiplied the economic damages.

However, some may determine a per-day cost during recovery instead. It all depends on the context of the case and how the injury affects the victim’s day-to-day life.

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