Were You Injured in Longmont, Colorado? We May Be Able to Help

With a lower cost of living than most cities in the Front Range, a thriving tech industry, and fiber optics in every home and business, Longmont has a lot of appeal for working professionals and young families. It is a silver-level bicycle-friendly community, according to League of American Bicyclists, with craft beers and cheeses galore. SH 119 can carry you to Boulder in mere minutes, and U.S. Highway 287 to Denver in thirty – or you can opt to take the RTD to either.

Sitting on the border of Boulder and Weld, Longmont is an old city, one that’s growing stronger after an economic slump in the late 20th century. People are discovering the Gem City of St. Vrain Valley, and with an increase in tourists and residents comes increased traffic.

After you’ve suffered serious injuries in a collision, you should always call a lawyer. The Tenge Law Firm, LLC, has handled many personal injury claims in the Longmont area, including crashes where fault was in dispute. We are not afraid to tackle cases that others law firms find challenging, so give us a call at (303) 665-2929 to learn more.

Traffic in Longmont

The city touts several traffic engineering triumphs, like its roundabouts and flashing yellow arrows. Roundabouts, used properly, are much safer than regular intersections, and cost a lot less – since they don’t use electricity for signals. Used wrongly, they can lead to bad accidents. They’re designed to slow cars down, so a vehicle that speeds around a turn runs the risk of rolling over. Motorists who don’t know the roundabout rules can also get into scrapes, whether sideswipes or rear-end collisions.

Meanwhile, there are several intersections that see over 30,000 vehicles pass through in a single 24-hour period, such as:

  • S. Main Street and Ken Pratt Boulevard,
  • Main Street and Mountain View,
  • Main Street and 21st Avenue,
  • Hover Street and 17th Avenue,
  • Hover Street and Nelson Road.

And they do tend to see more wrecks. The triangle of Nelson Road, Hoover Street, and SH 119 was the focus of a Southwest Operations traffic study, as city officials looked at ways to reduce the number of cars hitting bicyclists and pedestrians.

School zones are yet another hotspot for vehicle crashes, even in the parking lots. Congested streets, blocked visibility, small children entering and exiting the area, and parents in a hurry can create a dangerous combination. Our law firm has handled several cases where the victims were young, and we are parents ourselves.

Why Can’t You Just Go Through Your Insurance?

You can! Trouble is, insurance companies have an inherent conflict of interest built into their business model: the less they pay you, the more profits they can report to their shareholders. In our experience, insurers are not quick or entirely honest when it comes to paying out compensation for a serious crash – which is why it’s good to have a car accident lawyer to go to war for you.

The Tenge Law Firm, LLC, has a good reputation in Boulder County – not only do we work with the best local medical specialists, but other attorneys often refer their own family member to us – and insurance companies know our name.

So after you’ve suffered serious injuries – whether orthopedic, brain-related, spinal, or soft tissue – talk to a Longmont car accident lawyer. Call (303) 665-2929 to schedule a consultation at our Boulder office, or we can come to you at Longmont United Hospital, if you cannot move. We want to help you start taking your life back today.