Were You Injured in a Crash in Johnstown, Colorado? Let Us Help

Johnstown straddles Weld and Larimer, skirts along I-25, and hovers some forty miles above Denver in the Front Range Urban Corridor, twenty-five miles south of Fort Collins and a quick hop over from Loveland. Altogether 13.5 square miles, J-town has a unique and scattered footprint, located a short drive from the confluence of Big Thompson and Little Thompson.

With only 10,000 residents or so, Johnstown has been certified as one of the safest cities in America, and it’s a well-kept secret that this town is ideal living. Downtown Parish Avenue is stunning, and city standards include wide sidewalks and on-street bikeways on all arterial streets: J-town is dedicated to making itself bike- and pedestrian-friendly. State parks and open areas are mere minutes away.

It is a beautiful place, and it is expected to grow in the coming years. But there is still plenty of room to have a car accident, and that is why we’re here. We don’t want you to be stuck with medical bills, vehicle repair bills, lost time at work, and other crash-related expenses following a traffic collision.

We want you to file a lawsuit in order to hold the negligent parties responsible and so you can recover in peace.

The Tenge Law Firm, LLC, is a full-service personal injury firm. Founder J. Todd Tenge understands the ins and outs of filing a claim, negotiating with insurers, and smoothing down every detail of a case.

Our office is in Fort Collins, and we are known for tackling tough cases where the fault is in dispute.

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Where Do We See Accidents in Johnstown?

Johnstown’s piecemeal layout has a benefit: almost all of the roads are straight. But this also encourages some people to speed, and speeding is the factor most likely to turn an accident fatal. In the last decade or so, Johnstown has been adding traffic signals, widening lanes, and prepping overall for increased growth and development.

The new I-25 North Express Lanes have been getting attention lately, especially at the CO 402 interchange, and CDOT has been monitoring the traffic flow. Expansions are being planned for several intersections and highway onramps, weather permitting. US 34 is also a hotspot for traffic, and the scene of several collisions – though not as many as on Parish Avenue and SH 60, the main N-S and E-W roadways in the city.

Johnstown is also a major center for the Great Western Railroad (GWRR), which brings its own unique risks to drivers, pedestrians, and train passengers. No public transportation is available in Johnstown as of yet, so at least we haven’t seen any bus accidents.

How Do You Hold Someone Responsible for a Car Crash?

Johnstown does not see many car wrecks, but they do happen – and you can file a claim against the at-fault driver for compensation. Liability (that is, legal responsibility for an accident) is proved through three elements:

  • That driver did something negligent. It could have been speeding through the intersection at Colorado Boulevard, driving drunk, or being distracted by texting.
  • That negligence caused your injuries, via the collision. Our clients often have broken bones, spinal cord injuries, and traumatic brain injuries.
  • Your injuries cost you in money, time, and harm. These are called “actual damages,” and your lawyer can help you gather that evidence.

Colorado does have a concept known as “comparative negligence,” which means if someone was partially to blame for his own injuries, and a jury says so, his amount of compensation will be reduced. For example, if we ask for $200,000 on your behalf for a shattered femur and hip damage, but the jury decrees you were 10% to blame for stepping off a curb a second too early, you can only recover $180,000.

The way we present your story will make a huge difference, so call us before writing off a claim as “hopeless.”

Call a Top Legal Team for the Front Range Corridor

Almost every law firm will say it, but we really do treat clients like family – respected family. You receive prompt communication, you’re able to make the decisions, with your health and emotional well-being looked after by our support team.

If you’re from Johnstown, we know your area, and we can help you understand the process and strategy for your case.

We provide:

  • Experience. We’ve been doing personal injury and insurance litigation for nearly 30 years. We know every court in Larimer County, practically every court in Northern Colorado.
  • Focus. We accept a select number of very serious cases – those are the people who need our help, and we devote ourselves to them.
  • Attention. The defense is in the details. So is the truth, and we investigate the scene, research the law, and interview witnesses to discover it.
  • Excellence. We have handled many, many cases for the friends and families of other lawyers, as well as medical providers. They know our reputation.

As a full-service personal injury firm, the Tenge Law Firm, LLC, handles every aspect of your case, from getting a rental car to fighting insurance companies to set you up with the best medical providers.

There are deadlines (called statutes of limitations) to file a car accident claim in Colorado, so don’t wait.

Also, don’t waive your rights by signing a settlement agreement with the insurance company.

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