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Who Is at Fault in a Parking Lot Car Accident in Colorado?

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Whether you are buying groceries or going back to school, parking lot accidents are always a possibility.

With hundreds of cars going in and out of a parking lot every day, a crash is bound to happen when you least expect it.

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Parking Lot Accident Fault

Since parking lots are often a chaotic environment, determining who is at fault can be complicated.

There are several unique circumstances where both drivers may be at fault as well. Consider the following examples of common accidents that occur in parking lots.

Rear-End Collision

In almost every scenario, the driver running into the back of another vehicle is at fault for the accident.

However, there are a few instances where the driver in front may be at fault, such as backing up into the car behind them. 

Two Cars Turning into the Same Space

This type of accident is more likely to happen during the holidays.

Typically, the driver who turns into the oncoming vehicle to block the space is at fault for the accident, though this depends on the nature of the accident. 

Two Cars Backing Out of Separate Spaces

One of the most common accidents in a parking lot is when two cars on either side of a lane pull out of their spots and run into each other.

Generally, both drivers may be at fault in this type of collision.

Safety Tips for Avoiding Parking Lot Accidents

Since parking lot accidents are a common occurrence, it’s important to exercise caution while entering or exiting a parking lot.

Liability depends on the actions of all drivers involved in an accident, so it’s best to pay attention as you drive through. Here are some tips to help keep you safe.

Drive Slowly 

It’s essential not to drive too fast in a parking lot. This is especially important at schools where children may be running around without looking for oncoming traffic.

Many school parking lot accidents involve children accidentally jumping in front of a vehicle.

Park in a Spot with Ample Space

If you try to park in a tight space, you are more likely to get in an accident when pulling out.

Find a space that gives you plenty of room to open your door and back up your car.

Use a Backup Camera If Available

Most vehicles made within the past 5 years have a backup camera or similar system to help avoid collisions.

If you don’t have one, be extra careful and watch for pedestrians when pulling out of your spot.

By following these steps, you can help ensure your safety while driving through a parking lot, even during busy periods.

Involved in a Parking Lot Accident?

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