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6 Things to Do When a Car Hits a Pedestrian

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6 Things to Do When a Car Hits a Pedestrian
6 Things to Do When a Car Hits a

The aftermath of an accident can be confusing for everyone involved. When a car hits a pedestrian, there are several steps an injured pedestrian can take to protect their rights.

Injured parties have limited time to file a claim against the party who caused their injuries, and this should take action immediately. Below, the pedestrian accident attorneys at Tenge Law, LLC, describe six things a pedestrian can do when they’re hit by a car.

If you suffered injuries in a pedestrian accident, consult an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer before it’s too late. Representation from an experienced, dedicated, and skilled accident attorney like ours can help you obtain compensation after a pedestrian accident.

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What Is a Pedestrian Accident?

A pedestrian accident occurs when a person who is walking, running, or jogging suffers an injury after an interaction with another. Physical contact is not necessary, although a pedestrian accident will often involve a collision. Additionally, the accident does not have to be with a motor vehicle. Pedestrian accidents may involve motorcycles, bicycles, animals, and other pedestrians.

You might wonder how you could have an accident but not get hit. Suppose you are walking along the road, and a car swerves in your direction unexpectedly. You dive out of the way, and the car misses you. However, you break your arm in the fall. The driver of the vehicle that nearly hit you may be liable for your injuries without hitting you.

Steps to Take When a Car Hits a Pedestrian

Below are six steps you can take when a car hits a pedestrian.

1. Check for Injuries

You should get medical treatment. While this might seem obvious, the adrenaline rush you feel after a terrifying incident can mask your injuries for a while. You may even be in shock. Even if the contact occurred at a slow speed or was relatively minor, you need to check yourself for injuries. You can even sustain a severe head injury that worsens over time. Therefore, you should ask for help even if you are not sure that you need it. 

You can seek medical attention later despite walking away from the scene. You can still file a legal claim even if you did not seek immediate medical care. 

2. Call the Police

Call the police and report the accident if you can; if not, you should ask someone to call on your behalf. Most of us have cell phones with us at all times.

You should report the incident even if the other person involved asks you not to call the police. There may be many self-serving reasons why the other person does not want the police involved.

The driver who hit you might not have a valid license, be driving under the influence, have a warrant, or are operating an uninsured car. The motorist might apologize profusely and beg you not to call. You might even feel sorry for the other person. Asking for a police report may be in your best interest.

3. Document the Scene

Getting hit by a car could incapacitate you. However, try to document the scene if you can. Take photos with your cell phone of the location after you call the police. Note traffic signals, sidewalks, crosswalks, and street signs, as well as property damage, if any.

Look for skid marks in the road or other evidence of a crash, such as broken glass. Take a look around to see any surveillance cameras or traffic cameras. You should also take photos of your injuries as soon as possible. 

Never compromise your health and safety to take pictures of the scene. The responding police officer may be able to take pictures as part of an investigation, especially if the officer suspects the other person committed a crime. Your attorney can also investigate the case for evidence.

4. Get the Driver’s Information

The police officer will gather information from you, the driver, and any witnesses stuck around to talk with the police. Try to get their names, contact information, and insurance information, as well. Encourage them to identify themselves to the police officer who responded.

You shouldn’t worry too much about not gathering evidence personally. Again, we want you to take care of yourself. Our attorneys can later find and interview witnesses to your accident. Additionally, we will obtain a copy of your police report, which will include information concerning the identity of the driver and witnesses.

5. Closely Adhere to Your Treatment Plan

Not following through with your treatment can seriously delay or prevent you from making a full medical recovery. It will hurt your personal injury claim as well. Missing an appointment is okay. Reschedule as soon as possible and keep going. Attend physical therapy and perform the prescribed exercises at home as well. 

Keep a journal of your appointments and log them. Take notes and write down your feelings, thoughts, concerns, and progress. Doing this right from the beginning will help you remember what happened. If someone questions you later, you won’t need to rely on a faulty memory. 

6. Contact Our Firm Right Away

Waiting too long can permanently damage your case. The statute of limitations in Colorado for auto accidents is three years. You will lose your chance to win any financial awards if you miss this deadline. Protect yourself by contacting us as soon as you can. 

Our firm prides itself on protecting our clients’s rights and winning compensation for their losses. We get to work immediately, reviewing documents, pouring over medical records, documenting the accident scene, and hiring any necessary expert witnesses. Our aggressive and relentless approach puts you in the best position to win just compensation for your losses.

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