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Colorado Car Accident Statistics Today & Yesterday

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Colorado car accident statistics
colorado car accident statistics

No matter how safe or skilled your driving is, accidents still happen. In 2022, there were 95,014 Colorado car accidents. In 2023 thus far, there have been 183 fatal car accidents. This number exceeds the five-year average (2018-2022).

The unexpected nature of an accident and trauma to life and limb can be devastating. It can also be financially difficult because car accidents cause property damage and unforeseen medical costs.

If you were in an accident that wasn’t your fault, let us guide you on the next steps, regardless of whether you choose to hire an attorney.

What to Do After a Car Accident

Although car crashes in Colorado saw a clear dip in fatal accidents in 2019, the rate of car crash fatalities has been climbing ever since.

Despite stay-at-home orders and more people working from home, Colorado still saw an increase in fatal car crashes in 2020 and 2021. Aurora, Colorado Springs, and Denver saw the most fatal car accidents in 2022. These Colorado car accident statistics highlight the dangers of driving, and drivers should be extra cautious given the increased risk. 

If you were recently in a car accident, the most important first step is to ensure you receive medical attention at the accident scene. Also, ensure an uninjured passenger or bystander calls the authorities (police or emergency medical services).

Once all the victims receive medical attention, it’s important to start collecting evidence related to the accident. If possible, take a picture of the accident scene. If no one can take a picture, re-visit the scene and take pictures from several angles. Make a note of the weather and road conditions. 

You will also need to call your insurance company and report the accident. Be wary of giving too much information to the insurance company. Tell them the date, time, location, persons involved in the accident, and the other party’s insurance information (if you have it).

Don’t try to analyze what happened or place blame on yourself or the other party. The insurance adjuster could twist your words and minimize your claim. Because of this, it also makes sense to reach out to an attorney as soon as possible after the accident.

Types of Car Accidents

When most people think of a car accident, they probably think about a car hitting another car. However, many car accidents don’t involve another vehicle. They could involve a pedestrian, motorcycle, bicyclist, or stationary object. Or they could be the result of defective vehicle parts. 

Although motor-vehicle-related fatalities occur more often in car-to-car crashes than any other type, they comprised less than half of total car crashes in 2021 (43%).

Collisions between a motor vehicle and a fixed object were the next most common type, followed by pedestrian incidents and non-collisions (rollovers, etc.). While car-to-car crashes account for less than half of all motor vehicle fatalities, they account for the most injuries (63%).

The type of car crash that accounts for most fatal car accidents is an angle collision. There were approximately 9,000 in 2021. Angle collisions occur when two motor vehicles impact at an angle. For example, the front of one motor vehicle impacts the side of another motor vehicle.

Don’t hesitate to pursue legal action when an angle collision has severe, life-threatening, or deadly consequences. You should not have to pay for the life-changing event out of pocket.

The most common car-to-car collisions are rear-end collisions, accounting for 26,808 accidents in 2021. A rear-end collision occurs when the front end of one vehicle collides with the rear of another vehicle while the two vehicles are traveling in the same direction. Most people call these fender benders.

If an accident is a “fender bender,” there may not be enough damage to file an insurance claim. However, when occurring at high speed, someone often gets injured and their car gets damaged. In this case, you should contact an attorney because the insurance company will likely get involved.

More unique car accidents might involve a parked car, concrete highway barrier, pedestrian, light pole or utility pole, and embankment. If you hit an object that a construction company or road maintenance company misplaced, forgot, or recklessly placed, you could have a basis to take legal action. 

Should I Hire an Attorney?

After an accident, most people want to put the past behind them and move on as quickly as possible. Wanting to move on is understandable, given the complex nature of insurance claims and the victim’s desire to recover from their injuries in peace. 

Unfortunately, when a person chooses to fight their case themselves or try to negotiate with the insurance company unrepresented, they tend to lose out on compensation that the insurance company might’ve paid out.

We are not saying that an attorney can guarantee you more money, but an attorney certainly has the expertise to let the insurance company know you won’t take less than your case is worth. 

An attorney will gather your medical records, accident-related bills, and evidence from the accident scene. They will also request your accident report and create a request for compensation based on your case’s evidence.

Attorneys know the relevant evidence the insurance company will focus on, have experience negotiating, and know from past experience what your case’s value could be. It’s hard to negotiate if you don’t know what a good starting value is. Don’t worry. An attorney can help.

Colorado Car Crash Attorney

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