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Most Dangerous Intersections in Fort Collins

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Most Dangerous Intersections in Fort Collins
Most Dangerous Intersections in Fort Collins

Like other parts of Colorado, Fort Collins has experienced significant population growth over the past decade.

From 2010 to 2020, the Fort Collins, Colorado population grew from 143,986 to 169,810.

Population growth usually leads to more dangerous roads in Colorado due to more people using the streets.

While some may think the most dangerous roads in Colorado lie deep within the mountains, many dangerous intersections exist in the middle of cities like Fort Collins. 

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What Are the Most Dangerous Roads in Colorado?

According to the Fort Collins Annual Roadway Safety Report, several intersections throughout the city present issues for drivers and see a high number of accidents.

The corner of College Avenue and Horsetooth Road sees approximately 54 car accidents yearly.

College Avenue is a primary roadway for the Colorado State University campus and is a high-traffic area.

The College Avenue and Trilby Road intersection sees approximately 30 car accidents annually, making it the second most dangerous intersection in Fort Collins. 

Other dangerous roads in Colorado exist outside of Fort Collins. According to the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), the most dangerous road in Denver, Colorado, is Colfax Avenue.

The most dangerous road in Colorado in terms of fatal accidents is Interstate 25. Interstate 25 runs north and south through the state and travels through Denver and Colorado Springs.

In 2020, El Paso County, Colorado, recorded the most car accidents in the state. Many of these accidents happened along Interstate 25.

Interstate 70 runs east to west through Colorado and passes over the continental divide through Loveland Pass, the highest point in the U.S. interstate highway system.

The steep grades, sharp turns, and treacherous winter conditions make Interstate 70 a dangerous Colorado road. Interstate 70 sees thousands of car accidents every year, especially during the winter months. 

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