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Written by: J. Todd Tenge

Scooter Rider Suffers Life-Threatening Injuries, After Collision With Car in Boulder

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boulder scooter rider hit and suffers injuries
boulder scooter rider hit and suffers injuries

[April 8, 2022 – Boulder, CO] – Officials say, a scooter rider collided with a car on Friday afternoon. It happened where Colorado Avenue ends at Foothills Parkway, near the University of Colorado Boulder East Campus.

For several hours the southbound lanes of Foothills Parkway were shut down by Boulder police.

The Boulder police department sent out a tweet at 4:35 pm stating that the person on the scooter was an adult male and his injuries were described as being life-threatening.

The driver of the vehicle remained at the scene after the crash.

Sources: CBS4 Denver

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