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6 Ways to Find the Best Bicycle Accident Attorney Near Me

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best bicycle accident attorney
best bicycle accident attorney

You will need the best bicycle accident attorney to help you win financial compensation for your injuries. How do you go about finding the best? We have six questions to ask that could help you determine the right attorney for you.

Call the Tenge Law Firm, LLC, if you are searching for a Colorado bicycle attorney in Denver. Since 1992, our founding attorney, J. Todd Tenge, and his team have fought aggressively—and successfully—for people like you who suffered injuries in Colorado bike accidents. Let our award-winning team help you maximize your compensation.

How Many Adults Get Injured on Bicycles Every Year?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that over 1,000 people die, and 130,000 suffer serious injuries each year in United States bicycle accidents. The financial losses bicycle riders sustain approach $23 billion annually. Losses from bicycle accidents include healthcare costs, lost productivity from work, and estimated loss of life and quality of life.

Statistics show that men are six times more likely than females to die in a bicycle accident and five times more susceptible to injuries in bike accidents than females. Bicycle riders from 55 to 69 are more vulnerable than any age to die in a bike crash. And bike riders from the ages of 10 to 24 are most frequently seen in hospital emergency departments.

The CDC research indicates that most of the bicycle accidents that happen every year occur in urban areas. Approximately 27% of fatal accidents occur at intersections. However, about 65% of fatal accidents occur away from intersections due to higher vehicle speeds. Nearly ⅓ of fatal bike accidents involve alcohol consumption by the driver or rider.

In Colorado, data suggests that 8,052 bicycle riders were involved in accidents from 2010 to 2019—and investigators determined these cyclists were not at fault for their crashes. Over 6,200 riders either died or suffered an injury despite not being at fault. Over 13,000 bicycle riders were involved in accidents from 2010 to 2019 in total. 

Although high-speed crashes can be devastating, data shows that a collision with a vehicle traveling at just 15 miles per hour caused most accidents that resulted in injury or death. Finally, investigators determined that accidents most commonly involved motorists turning either left or right.

How to Find the Best Bicycle Accident Attorney Near You

The state bar of Colorado does not have a ranking system for determining who is the best lawyer. You need to choose the best lawyer for you and your case. Trying to find the right attorney is a challenging task. That’s why we devised six questions you should ask when choosing the best attorney for your case. 

1. How Much Experience Handling Bike Accidents Do You Have?

Theoretically, any Colorado lawyer can legally represent you in your bicycle accident claim. Of course, an inexperienced attorney could be a very good lawyer, but it might not be your best choice. Instead, hire an experienced bike accident attorney to increase your chances of maximizing your financial recovery.

Experience matters. Since 1992, the Tenge Law Firm, LLC, has represented accident victims injured through no fault of their own with tremendous success. Throughout our firm’s history, we have handled numerous wrongful death and injury claims from bicycle accidents. 

Our firm has experience litigating bike accident cases involving complicated legal issues regarding fault and proof of damages. Bike accidents often involve severe injuries such as the following:

  • Traumatic brain injuries,
  • Spinal cord injuries,
  • Broken or fractured bones,
  • Soft tissue injuries,
  • Scarring, and 
  • Amputation.

Proving the true value of your claim takes extensive knowledge and skill. There may be better decisions than allowing a less-accomplished attorney to handle your claim.

2. Who Will Handle My Claim?

Large personal injury firms usually assign cases to younger or less-experienced attorneys after you meet with the partner. The partner or senior attorney might come in and smooth talk you, say the things you want to hear, and may even make promises they can’t keep. Once you agree to hire that firm, your case might then get shipped to another lawyer, and you might never see or speak to the lawyer you interviewed during your initial consultation again.

Tenge Law operates differently. We are a boutique law firm specializing in personal injury cases. As a boutique firm, we select our cases carefully so we can give our undivided attention to our clients. Equally as important, J. Todd Tenge is your attorney. Our Tenge Law team works closely with J. Todd on your case, but he is your lawyer. We don’t pass you off to someone else.

3. Will You Take My Call?

Clients’ biggest complaint about lawyers is that they cannot contact them when necessary. It’s almost like talking to a client is an inconvenience. We treat you differently.

You are one of our family when you work with us. You will get to know our staff personally, and we always return your calls. We can email or text you, too, if you prefer. We understand how important your claim is because it’s important to us. 

4. What Do Your Clients Think of You?

We encourage you to ask us this question because we are proud of our relationships with our clients. They consistently give us perfect ratings because we get results. Our clients won over $50 million in damages over the last seven years. Few firms can boast a documented track record of results like that.

5. I’m Out of Work. How Can I Pay Your Fee?

Accident lawyers like us work on contingency fee agreements. We don’t take any money from you upfront. We only get paid if and when we win money for you. Additionally, we will advance the expert witness fees and other costs, so you never have to pay a dime out of your pocket. We want you to focus on your recovery; we will handle everything else.

6. How Long Do I Have to File a Claim?

First, you will file a claim with the insurance company, and if you cannot reach a settlement, you will then file a formal lawsuit. It takes time to work through the negotiation process to decide if you need to file a lawsuit, and you have limited time to file a lawsuit in Colorado. The statute of limitations for injury suits is three years. 

Filing your case in court is the only way to stop the statute of limitations from running. We will fight to settle your case for a just settlement. However, we are not afraid to go to trial if that is in your best interest. Many personal injury firms will settle quickly or farm the case to another law firm because they don’t go to court.

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We invite you to allow J. Todd Tenge and our team of experienced professionals to get you the compensation you need and deserve. Contact Tenge Law at 303-665-2929 for a free consultation. Our award-winning attorneys can make a difference for you and your family. 

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