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Tips To Stay Safe This 4th Of July In Boulder, CO

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According to a report by the Consumer Protection Safety Commission, fireworks-related injuries are on the rise in the U.S., having increased over the years. However, burns and other fireworks injuries aren’t the only concern. Independence Day is also the most dangerous day for drivers. It holds the record for the most traffic deaths of any other major U.S. holiday. 

What’s important to remember is that it is possible to stay safe and still have fun on the 4th of July. Going on road trips, throwing family barbecues, or cooling off at South Platte are just some of the fantastic options for celebrating Independence Day. 

As you make plans for everyone’s favorite summer celebration, keep safety in mind. These tips will help you have a great time without risking your own health or putting others in danger. 

Fireworks Are Prohibited In Boulder

Fireworks of all kinds are illegal in Boulder, including sparklers, smoke bombs, Roman candles, and any type of fireworks that leave the ground. You may be fined or even serve jail time if you are caught lighting fireworks. 

If you feel the holiday isn’t complete without fireworks, attend one of the events in nearby communities. The cities of Louisville and Erie both host a community fireworks show. 

Don’t Drink and Drive

A car accident is no one’s idea of fun on any day. 

If you’re planning on including alcohol or cannabis in your July 4th celebration, follow these suggestions:

  • Designate a sober driver or use rideshare services
  • Know your limits (no more than four drinks a day for men and three for women)
  • Feeling “buzzed” means you are not safe to drive

Drinking too much increases not only your risk of getting in an auto accident but also your chances of engaging in risky behaviors. You could suffer a catastrophic injury by making just one foolish mistake. 

Don’t Get Lost

Whether you’re downtown to watch the parade or plan on doing some solo hiking to celebrate America’s independence, make a plan. Choose a spot to meet in public spaces if you get separated from friends. This is especially important for children and others who may not be carrying a cell phone. 

Are you planning on camping or hiking this weekend? If so, make sure others know where you’re going and what time you plan to be home. 

Make Sure Kids Know the Pool Rules

If you’re fortunate enough to have a backyard pool, chances are the 4th of July party is at your house. Keep kids safe by reviewing pool rules. Kids should always let an adult know they are going swimming, and head-first diving should never be allowed. Younger kids and those who aren’t confident swimmers should wear arm floaties or a life jacket to prevent accidents. 

Remember Food Safety

With so many fun activities to participate in, it can be easy to forget how long the potato salad was left sitting in the sun. Unless everyone is sitting down together for a family-style meal, only bring out a few dishes at a time to prevent spoilage. Also, cook meats to the FDA-recommended temperatures and place leftovers in the refrigerator as soon as possible. 

Celebrate With Safety This Fourth of July

Planning ahead will help you have a fun and safe Independence Day. Waiting until the last minute increases your chances of overlooking important safety protocols. Whether you’re attending a community fireworks show or camping with friends, following these safety tips will help make your Fourth of July celebration one that you can always look back on with fondness.

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