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6 Steps to Find The Best Truck Accident Lawyer Near Me

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No one knows when they will need a personal injury lawyer. Unfortunately, accidents and injuries happen to people when they least expect it. Truck accidents can be especially devastating.

Due to the sheer size difference between trucks and passenger vehicles, the injuries resulting in these collisions are often catastrophic and permanently disrupt a victim’s daily life.

You should speak with an attorney immediately if you suffered injuries in this type of accident.

But how do you pick the best attorney to represent you? Read on to answer the question, how to pick the best truck accident lawyer near me, and learn what a skilled attorney can help you recover in these cases.

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1. Understand Your Case 

After a truck accident, finding the best truck accident lawyer requires some understanding of your case and your needs.

Most people understand that lawyers focus on specific areas of law. The best truck accident attorneys practice under the large umbrella of personal injury law. 

2. Choose a Lawyer with Experience 

Once you’ve narrowed potential options to personal injury attorneys, it’s essential to recognize that just practicing personal injury law does not mean an attorney has the experience to represent you in a complex truck accident case.

When you meet with a potential attorney, be sure to ask whether they have ever represented injured victims in truck accident cases and the outcome of those specific cases. 

3. Evaluate a Firm’s Resources 

Most personal injury firms have a wealth of resources that strengthen your case and increase your chances for success. Examples of resources that assist in your case include the following: 

  • A network of medical professionals to assess your injuries and provide recommendations as to the prognosis of your recovery and the extent to which your injuries have interfered in your daily life;
  • A network of accident experts who can reconstruct the scene of your collision to strengthen your case and establish the truck driver’s negligence in causing your injuries and losses; and
  • A network of financial experts that provide property damage valuations, negotiate any liens, and calculate how much your losses have interfered with your daily life. 

Truck accidents often result in catastrophic injuries that take years to recover financially, emotionally, and physically.

The priority of the best truck accident lawyers you meet with should be obtaining the full value of your damages by utilizing the extensive resources at their disposal. 

4. Ask for Referrals

Speak to colleagues, friends, and family about any attorneys they may know and recommend. Even if a friend knows an attorney who doesn’t practice in this area of law, that attorney may have an excellent reference for a truck accident attorney who can help you.

Additionally, look online for the best truck accident attorneys near you. While it may be challenging to narrow down options, testimonials and online reviews can assist you in evaluating choices for a potential attorney. 

5. Consider a Firm’s Communication

If a law firm’s communication fails to impress you before you retain them, it is unlikely to improve once you hire them.

An uncommunicative law firm after a truck accident can unnecessarily add to the stress and anxiety that already exist in your life after such a traumatic experience.

You must be able to trust your attorney to represent your best interests in order to obtain the most favorable outcome possible.

Being unable to speak to your attorney about your case can make you feel as if your needs are not being properly addressed. 

6. Learn About Fees

Most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis. A contingency basis means that your attorney only collects payment for their work once your case reaches a settlement or a judgment in court. If your case does not settle, or you lose your case in court, the attorney gets nothing.

Even if the attorneys you meet with all work on a contingency fee basis, carefully read your agreement before signing. Some attorneys require clients to pay for all expenses.

For example, while you don’t have to pay an attorney’s hourly wage under this agreement, the firm may expect you to pay for all expenses, including filings, mailings, expert witnesses, and other similar costs.

Additionally, it’s vital to understand what percentage of your recovery an attorney will charge for their services. Most contingency fee agreements range between 33%-40% of any settlement or judgment obtained. 

What Can I Recover? 

A truck accident attorney in Colorado assists injured victims in recovering compensatory damages in the form of economic and noneconomic damages. These damages seek to compensate victims for tangible and intangible losses related to their injuries. 

Economic damages represent calculable losses stemming from your injuries and include the following examples: 

  • Medical expenses, 
  • Lost wages, 
  • Loss of future earnings, and
  • Property damage.

Receipts, pay stubs, and invoices assist your attorney in calculating the value of these losses. 

Noneconomic damages include subjective losses usually resulting from the emotional and physical effects of your injuries and include the following: 

  • Pain and suffering,
  • Emotional distress, 
  • Permanent disfigurement or disability, 
  • Loss of consortium, and
  • Loss of enjoyment of life. 

Your testimony, the testimony of your family and friends, and medical expert testimony support your claim for these losses.

Noneconomic damages are substantially more challenging to quantify and prove due to their subjective nature. Hiring an attorney is vital, so you don’t miss out on the financial recovery you need and deserve. 

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