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How to Get Your Free Arapahoe County Accident Report

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How to get Your Free Arapahoe County Accident Report

If you were involved in a motor vehicle accident in Arapahoe County, you should always request a copy of the official police report.

Requesting your Arapahoe County accident report can be done online or in person.

Did you suffer injuries in your accident? You may have the right to bring a claim for damages against the negligent party.

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Requesting Arapahoe County Accident Reports Online

If the Arapahoe County sheriff responded to the scene, you can request most records online. Visit their Records Request Portal page, where you can quickly request an auto accident report.

You will need some information before ordering your report, including:

  • Accident date,
  • Accident location,
  • Report number, and
  • Parties involved.

You also need a credit card, debit card, or electronic check to request your report online. In addition to the report fees, you must pay a service fee initiated by the online service partner.

Currently, fees for electronic checks are $1.50, and credit or debit cards have a 2.45% fee with a minimum charge of $2.00. Prices for the report itself will be calculated using the Sheriff’s current fee schedule.

The average turnaround is three business days, but it could take longer. In some instances, your report may not be available online.

If that is the case, someone will notify you by email or telephone if you need to request your report in person. Please note that the system is not optimized for mobile devices, such as an iPad or mobile phone.

You should make your request using a laptop or desktop computer if possible.

You can go online to check the status of your request as well. You will need your request number and the email address you used when you filed the initial request.

If you can’t locate your request number, it will be in the confirmation email that you received from

You should receive a confirmation email within five minutes of submitting your request. If you don’t see it, be sure to check your junk or spam folders too.  

Picking up a Police Report in Person

If your report isn’t available online or you prefer to request it in person, visit the Arapahoe County Sheriff Administration Office.

The address is 13101 E. Broncos Parkway in Centennial, Colorado. Their office hours are Monday through Friday from 7 AM until 5:30 PM.

If you have questions about picking up your accident report, you can contact the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office at their Records Division via email or on the phone at 720-874-3875.

Whether you are requesting a report online or picking it up in person, you need to allow at least seven to ten days from your accident to ensure the information is ready.

It takes time to complete the report, submit it to the database, and make it available for purchase.  

Contact a Colorado Personal Injury Lawyer

If you sustained injuries in your Arapahoe County accident, it’s wise to speak with a Colorado accident attorney.

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