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Written by: J. Todd Tenge

Do More Accidents Really Happen Closer to Home in Colorado?

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It may not be too surprising to hear that most accidents happen close to home.

In fact, according to the NHTSA, more than half of all auto accidents that cause serious injury or death occur within 25 miles of the home and at speeds less than 40 mph.

But why do most accidents happen close to home?

The obvious answer is that you spend more time driving to and from your house. But there are other reasons that we’ll touch on here.

If you suffered injuries or property damage in a car accident, contact a personal injury attorney to discuss your options for compensation. 

Why Do Most Car Accidents Happen Close to Home? 

In addition to just driving more in the area, there are other reasons most accidents occur in the home area of a driver: 

  • Overconfident drivers. When a driver travels on a familiar road, they may engage in more distracting behavior or let their attention wander to other matters. Their familiarity lowers their carefulness. A driver may feel it is okay to engage in texting, talking on the phone, or other distracting behavior because they know every turn, traffic signal, or stop sign. 
  • Parked cars. In residential neighborhoods, there tend to be more cars parked on the side of the road. Collisions can occur with parked vehicles in these areas when drivers go too fast in familiar neighborhoods. 
  • Impaired driving. Drivers may choose to take residential roads when driving impaired to avoid detection by law enforcement. 
  • Speeding. When do most accidents happen? Those driving in familiar neighborhoods may rush to get home at the end of the day or leave their house to go to work. Speeding during congested driving conditions obviously increases the likelihood of an accident. 
  • Teenage drivers. Teenage drivers are new to operating motor vehicles and may feel safer on residential streets near their homes. While teenage drivers can drive safely, their limited experience often leads to more accidents. 

Most accidents happen close to home, so anything that reduces your likelihood of being involved in one—like understanding these risks—will be to your benefit.

How to Prevent Most Accidents That Happen Close to Home 

To reduce the risk of being involved in a car accident, consider the following: 

  • Take a bike, public transportation, or walk to your destination; 
  • Refrain from using or engaging in distracting conduct, including texting, talking on the phone, or talking to other passengers; 
  • Train yourself to be hyper-aware even when you are driving in familiar areas; and
  • Slow down in residential areas. 

Taking these measures will help keep you and the people who live near you safe. 

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