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Boulder County Court Contact Information | What You Should Know

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Boulder County Court Contact Information | What You Should Know
Boulder County Court Contact Information | What You Should Know

Lawsuits are notorious for being time-consuming and often expensive processes.

Fortunately, however, recent changes to court policies throughout the State of Colorado have been implemented in an effort to make the court system more efficient and accessible for parties and other court participants.

In fact, some of these changes have been geared toward allowing parties to appear in court virtually for a variety of legal matters, allowing individuals to avoid having to enter a courtroom entirely. 

That said, virtual appearances are not available in all cases, and even where they are, you may still need to appear in person on occasion depending on the facts and circumstances of your case. Nevertheless, the added flexibility can be a great benefit to parties and the legal system as a whole. 

If you are considering filing a lawsuit in Boulder County, use our guide below to learn more about the process and whether and to what extent you may be able to navigate your legal matter virtually.

Then contact the attorneys at the Tenge Law Firm, LLC, to discuss your options in more detail and see how we can help you move forward today.

Boulder County Court Contact Information

Boulder County is located in Colorado’s 20th Judicial District. The Boulder County Combined Court has two separate locations: one located in Boulder and another located in Longmont. Below is the address and contact information for each respective location. 

Boulder County Combined Court—Boulder

Boulder County Combined Court—Longmont

While the courts cannot provide legal advice, you can contact them with general questions regarding your case. 

Can I Handle My Entire Case in Boulder Virtual Court? 

Before filing a lawsuit, many people want to know whether all or part of their case can be handled virtually. In short, this will ultimately depend on the type of legal matter you intend to file and the orders of the judge presiding over your case. 

In-Person vs. Virtual Court in Boulder County

The Colorado Supreme Court recently adopted a new Virtual Proceedings Policy, effective August 1, 2023, expanding the use of virtual proceedings in court.

Specifically, the new policy specifies that certain types of proceedings will be presumptively flexible to allow for virtual appearance by the parties without having to seek prior authorization from the judge.

Some of these presumptively flexible proceedings include: 

  • Case management conferences for any type of case; 
  • Status conferences for any type of case; 
  • Domestic relations pre-trial conferences; 
  • Garnishment hearings; 
  • Temporary protection order hearings; 
  • Non-evidentiary proceedings on a Dependency and Neglect, Juvenile Delinquency, or Truancy case; 
  • Uncontested relinquishment of parental rights proceedings; 
  • Emergency guardianship or conservator proceedings; 
  • Uncontested permanent orders for a guardianship or conservatorship; and
  • Uncontested informal probate proceedings.   

That said, certain proceedings will still require in-person appearance unless the court finds good cause indicating that a virtual appearance would be appropriate. 

Examples of these presumptively in-person proceedings include: 

  • Jury or bench trials for any type of case;
  • Criminal preliminary hearings; 
  • Show cause hearings; 
  • Temporary Extreme Risk Protection Order hearings; and 
  • Contempt hearings. 

Notably, even if your type of case or proceedings is not included on the “Presumptively Flexible” list or is included on the “Presumptively In-Person” list, you may still ask the judge presiding over your case to authorize a virtual appearance if you have good cause to do so. 

Good cause for a virtual appearance might include situations in which all parties have agreed to a virtual hearing or where requiring an in-person appearance would unduly burden or endanger one or more parties. 

If you have questions about whether and to what extent you may be able to appear virtually in your legal proceeding, contact the Tenge Law Firm, LLP, today to discuss the facts of your case in more detail.

Appearing in Boulder County Court Via Webex

In the event you are authorized to appear virtually, be sure that you have access to reliable internet or phone service before entering the virtual courtroom.

To appear by phone, you may dial 720-650-7664 or 415-655-0001 and enter the access code for the courtroom of the judge presiding over your case. 

Although audio-only appearance by phone is typically permitted, audiovisual appearance is the strongly preferred option.

To appear virtually by video, you will need to use an application called Webex, which you can download on your phone or computer.

At the time of your scheduled court appearance, click the link for your assigned courtroom, and the court clerk will let you in.

To find your access code, if appearing by phone, or the link to your courtroom, if appearing by video, visit the Colorado Judicial Branch 20th Judicial District virtual courtroom information website.  

How to Find Scheduling Information About My Boulder Virtual Court Appearance

Prior to any hearing or other court appearance, the judge presiding over your case will most likely provide you with a Notice or Order specifying the date and time for your court date, whether it will be virtual or in person, and instructions on how to appear.

However, you can also find this information using the Colorado Judicial Branch Court Docket Search website.   

Speak with an Experienced Litigation Attorney Today

Virtual court appearances can certainly feel less intimidating than in-court appearances. However, they are nevertheless court appearances with serious legal implications. 

If you have an upcoming court case and aren’t sure how to proceed, the Tenge Law Firm, LLC, is here to help.

We have years of litigation experience and pride ourselves on providing aggressive, diligent, and thorough representation for our clients and their families.

Thus, regardless of whether your case requires in-person or virtual attendance, we are confident that we have the background, tools, and experience necessary to provide you with the representation you need and deserve. 

When you’re ready to discuss your case, contact the Tenge Law Firm and see how we can help you fight for your rights today.

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