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Bicycle Accident–What to Do if You Are Hit by a Car

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hit by car bicycle accident

The steps you take after a bike collision are important and can impact your personal injury claim.

A cycling accident is traumatic, especially if you sustained injuries because of the negligent driver’s actions.

Unfortunately, not all motorists stop after striking a bicycle. A hit-and-run bicycle accident will only add to your stress.

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Contact the Police

If a vehicle struck your bike while you were riding it, you need to contact the police to respond and prepare a report.

You must wait at the scene for the police to respond; otherwise, you run the risk of being accused of a hit-and-run bicycle accident pursuant to Colorado law (CRS 42-4-1603).

It’s crucial to document the accident and detail your injuries for the police officer.

Sometimes, seemingly minor injuries at the scene of a bike collision become more severe in the days that follow.

If the driver stops, be sure to obtain their contact information as well as the contact information of any witnesses.

Your attorney will want to interview the witnesses to get their statements, which could be a key part of your injury claim for a bike accident.

Document Everything

hit by car bicycle accident colorado

Be sure to document everything, including details of the accident.

If your injuries aren’t too severe, take scene photos.

Get photos of the damage, surrounding location, and your injuries if possible.

Are there skid marks or vehicle debris at the scene? Be sure to get pictures of these as well.

Seek Medical Attention Timely

If you don’t require emergency transport from the scene, you must seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

If you wait weeks to see a doctor, the driver’s insurance company will undoubtedly use that against you.

The claims adjuster will say your injuries weren’t that severe or another event caused them other than the bike and car accident.

An insurance claim when hit by a car on a bike can be complicated to pursue.

The insurance company will grasp at any opportunity to undervalue or deny your claim—and delaying treatment gives them such leverage.

So don’t delay; seek treatment as soon as possible.

Bike Accident: How to Claim Damages?

If the driver stopped and you have their insurance information, you can file a claim with their insurance if they haven’t done so already.

Pursuing compensation can become more challenging if you were involved in a hit-and-run bicycle accident. 

Hiring an experienced bike collision lawyer after a hit and run is essential if you hope to track down the driver and receive compensation.

If the police or your attorney cannot track down and identify the driver, your attorney will discuss your other potential legal options.

Contact a Colorado Bike Accident Lawyer

If you need to pursue an injury claim for a bike accident, let the experienced legal team at the Tenge Law Firm handle the complicated legal issues.

We have years of experience assisting injured clients in pursuing the compensation they need to heal from injuries caused by someone else’s negligence.

You have a legal right to hold the at-fault party responsible for your injuries and other damages.

Without a legal advocate on your side, the driver’s insurance company will likely undervalue your claim.

Don’t let the claims adjuster take advantage of you.

Contact the Tenge Law Firm, LLC to schedule a consultation, and we will discuss the best course of legal action for your cycling accident claim.

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