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Personal Injury | Tenge Law Firm Blog - Part 2

How Can a Dollar Amount Be Placed on Pain and Suffering?

By Tenge Law Firm LLC on November 17, 2016

Updated on May 23, 2019.

How can the suffering that you experience from an injury ever truly be quantified? How can a dollar amount ever be set for the pain that you have gone through? These are the questions that injured parties, insurance companies, and attorneys must struggle with when trying to ascertain how much you deserve to get paid.

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Posted in: Personal Injury

My Long-Term Disability Claim Has Been Denied. What Do I Do?

By Tenge Law Firm LLC on November 10, 2016

Updated on May 23, 2019.

You just received the letter in the mail. The insurance company is denying your claim for long-term disability benefits. You are frustrated and upset. The injury was not your fault, and you have done everything that the insurance company has asked you to do. You have been going to therapy and following all the instructions your doctors and the specialists have given you for dealing with the pain, yet you are still unable to perform your job duties.

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Posted in: Personal Injury

Understanding the Jury Selection Process

By Tenge Law Firm LLC on September 15, 2016

Jury duty has recently been featured in many tabloids and magazines after a judge excused Taylor Swift, though the reason was not her celebrity status or busy schedule, but rather that she has a pending civil assault case that could influence her frame of mind.

Most people would rather not be called for jury duty but when that letter comes in the mail, it is your responsibility to respond.

Judgment by peers is the concept behind jury duty and this system has been in place since the creation of the United States Constitution. Thus, participation should be seen not as an interruption in one’s routine but a display of civic duty and the opportunity to ensure that an accused person and the accuser get justice from an impartial group of private individuals.

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Posted in: Personal Injury

15 Strategies to Win Your Personal Injury Case

By Tenge Law Firm LLC on September 1, 2016

Updated May 23, 2019.

Most of the civil cases in the United States have to do with personal injury. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the country has an average of 6 million car accidents a year, which does not include 125,000 collisions involving other vehicles, 5,000 deaths from road accidents, and 1.5 million medical malpractice cases every year.

How do you get a better than fair chance of winning your personal injury case? Here are 15 strategies to consider:

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Posted in: Personal Injury

Top 20 Private Investigators Answer: “How Can a Private Investigator Help Build Your Personal Injury Case?”

By Tenge Law Firm LLC on June 23, 2016

In a personal injury civil trial, the burden of proof relies on you and your attorney. Therefore it is necessary when considering filing a lawsuit to start building on the preponderance of evidence early–and this is where the need for a private investigator comes in. To give you an idea, we asked some of the best Private Investigators in the country: “How Can A Private Investigator Help Build Your Personal Injury Case?”

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Posted in: Personal Injury

Strong Emotion: A Distraction That Causes Motor Vehicle Accidents

By Tenge Law Firm LLC on April 27, 2016

If you have ever lost your keys, performed poorly on a test, or nearly walked in front of a car because you were upset, then you know first hand what emotional distress can do to you. Driving while gripped by strong emotion is every bit as distracting as texting or using a cell phone. Like alcohol, this state of mind impairs your driving ability. Unlike alcohol, it is overlooked as a form of impairment by most of the driving population.

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Posted in: Personal Injury

Loss of Enjoyment and Why It’s Important

By Tenge Law Firm LLC on April 2, 2016

The term “loss of enjoyment” seems pretty straightforward, and in some ways, it is. It means exactly what it seems like: a person has lost an element of enjoyment in his or her life. But even a simple term can become complicated and have far-reaching implications in the American legal system.

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Posted in: Personal Injury

A Tale of Two Choices

By Tenge Law Firm LLC on March 27, 2016

Human beings are at their most vulnerable when their lives are interrupted by a devastating accident. In these trying times, family and friends can provide much-needed support, but something more may be necessary.

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Posted in: Personal Injury

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