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Written by: J. Todd Tenge

What Is the Most Dangerous Day of the Year in Colorado?

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January 9 is the most dangerous day of the year for Colorado workers, according to a new study from Pinnacol Assurance. Pinnacol’s research has shown that this is the one day of the year with a particularly large number of workers’ compensation claims for weather-related injuries. This comes from data collected and analyzed by Pinnacol over the past five years. January 9 has consistently been rated the number one day, with a 62% spike in worker injuries and an average of 198 injured workers.

What Makes the 9th of January So Dangerous for Colorado Workers?

Most of the on-the-job injuries on January 9 are caused by slip and fall accidents on snow and ice. Snowy weather is common in Colorado, and the weather can change suddenly. Although some slip and falls only cause minor bumps, bruises, and lacerations, some can cause life-threatening injuries. Serious slip and fall accident injuries include fractured bones, muscle injuries, and head injuries.

The Most Common Workplace Injuries on January 9

Office and healthcare workers contributed the highest numbers of injuries on January 9 over the five-year period studied by Pinnacol. The most common workplace injuries recorded by Pinnacol for January 9th are:

  • Slip or trip and falls
  • Muscle or tendon strains
  • Workers being struck (usually by and object)
  • Workers striking an object (for example, hitting the head on a shelf)
  • Cuts

Steps Can Workers Take to Minimize Their Risk

Workers can stay alert and be aware of weather forecasts. They can choose appropriate footwear and be cautious about where they step. Snow boots are best for slip protection, but failing that, workers should at least wear shoes with good tread. Gloves or mittens should be worn, not only to keep the hands warmer, but also to keep them out of the pockets, for better balance or catching oneself in a fall. When getting out of a car, maintain three points of contact, with both feet on the ground and a handhold on an unmoving object, or with one foot on the ground and both hands holdings onto something stable. Walk like a penguin, taking slow, shuffling steps, for a better chance of avoiding a slip and fall accident.

What You Should Do After a Workplace Accident

If you have been injured on the job in a slip and fall or another type of accident, get emergency medical attention and report the accident to your employer as soon as you are able. Under Colorado workers’ compensation rules, you are required to tell your employer within four days of the injury. Your employer is required to tell its workers’ comp insurance company about your injury within ten days.

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