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Written by: J. Todd Tenge

Remote Personal Injury Lawyers in Colorado

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Remote personal injury lawyer in CO

Over the past few years, there have been major changes to our modern world.

The start of the COVID-19 pandemic pushed society more into the virtual realm than ever before.

Businesses have changed their entire business model, and industries are moving online rather than in-person.

One thing that has not changed since the pandemic is the amount of injury-related cases. In fact, evidence suggests that accident fatalities have risen since the start of the pandemic.

Since accident injuries and fatalities are on the rise, our team will not stop our dedicated work.

The attorneys at Tenge Law Firm offer virtual appointments so that you can get in contact with a remote personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

Remote Consultation Benefits

We understand that there have been huge changes impacting our potential clients. That is why our firm is offering online consultations with remote personal injury lawyers.

Attending a virtual consultation has several benefits:

  • You will not have to leave your home or office. Our team can meet you right where you are located.
  • You have the flexibility to schedule your consultation for time periods during the day which you normally would be unavailable if you included travel time.
  • You will remain safe from potential exposure to COVID-19.
  • You will feel more comfortable in your own familiar environment rather than coming into the office. 

There are so many positives to booking an online lawyer consultation. Contact our firm today to schedule a consultation with one of our remote personal injury lawyers. 

Best Practices for Virtual Consultations

remote injury attorney colorado

High-Speed Internet Connection

Since virtual consultations require internet use, it is best to ensure that you have WiFi with a strong internet connection.

The last thing you want is technical difficulties while you are trying to explain one of the most crucial incidents in your life.

Using a high-speed internet connection will ensure that your communications with our attorneys come through clear without any delays or lagging.  

Find a Private Room

Planning to have a private room for the virtual consultation is another best practice. Background noise makes it harder for you to communicate with your lawyer.

Most consultations go smoothly when there is minimal distraction and both lawyer and client are in a virtual room alone to discuss the case.

If you are not well-versed with technology, our team can assist you with logging onto your virtual consultation and troubleshooting any common issues you may encounter. 

Camera Usage

One of the main perks of virtual consultations is the fact that you can see your attorney—who will be representing you—through the screen.

Before logging onto your virtual consultation, test the camera on your device to ensure that it is working properly and you are familiar with its functions.

Practicing with your camera and setting up beforehand helps make every minute of your consultation count.

Professionalism and Confidentiality

We know that you are counting on receiving sound and confidential advice from a lawyer.

Remote practice is fairly new, but our rules of professional conduct remain the same.

Our firm will provide you with a confidential remote consultation. We take pride in protecting our client’s sensitive information.

We store virtual case-related documents and information just like our physical documents.

Any physical copies or information that you turn over to our office or any other case-related documents are stored, transferred, and disposed of in accordance with data protection laws. 

Schedule a Free Online Lawyer Consultation

Our boutique injury litigation firm specializes in serious personal injury cases.

Todd Tenge has been practicing personal injury law for the past 25 years.

Over that time, our firm has earned a reputation as one of the best personal injury firms in Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins, and throughout Colorado.

Whether we are meeting virtually or in person, our attorneys will provide you with the aggressive and thorough representation you need for your personal injury case.

Schedule a free online lawyer consultation with the personal injury lawyers at Tenge Law Firm today.

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