Legal Advice for Victims of Dangerous Drugs and Defective Products

If a product that is released into the hands of consumers is poorly designed, manufactured, defective, or lacking the proper warning labels, the injured party may have a claim for damages against the manufacturer, designer, seller, or distributor of such a product. When these products cause consumers to suffer a personal injury, laws are in place to protect the rights of the injured. If you have been harmed by a defective or dangerous product or drug, contact product liability attorney J. Todd Tenge, serving the Fort Collins and BoulderColorado areas, to speak with him about your case. You could be eligible to recover financial compensation for losses and expenses related to your injury.


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About Product Liability

Product liability laws protect consumers injured by products that are unreasonably and unforeseeably dangerous when used for their intended purpose. Product liability claims address defects or deficiencies in the design, manufacturing, or marketing of a product. This means that any or all of the following parties can be held liable for injuries, damages that an individual sustains while using a defective product:

  • A designer who designs a product that is inherently unsafe
  • A manufacturer who incorrectly makes a product
  • The marketer who is responsible for including appropriate warnings for use of the product
  • A distributor who knowingly sells the product despite its dangers

Product liability cases are often filed against the manufacturers of motor vehicle parts (e.g., tires, airbags), pharmaceuticals, medical instruments, and construction equipment.

Common Injuries

Common injuries caused by dangerous products include:

Dangerous Auto Parts

It is the responsibility of auto parts manufacturers to ensure that air bags, tires, seat belts, gas pedals, and similar auto parts are free from any defects that may render them ineffective or dangerous. It should be noted that even if a vehicle’s roof, for example, is found to comply with the minimum standards set by the government for auto safety, a court may still find that the manufacturer is liable for injuries suffered in a rollover accident; if they find that a safer, and similarly cost-effective, alternative existed but was ignored or overlooked at the time the vehicle was designed, the injured victim may be awarded compensation. For more information on dangerous auto part claims and the litigation strategies that our firm employs to get compensation for injured people, contact attorney J. Todd Tenge.

Dangerous Drugs

Dangerous drug claims can be tricky; just because a drug produces an unwanted side effect does not automatically allow the victim to bring a successful product liability claim. A dangerous drug is one that the Food and Drug Administration has deemed as having dangerous side effects that outweigh the benefits of the drug’s intended use. Popular drugs that are making recent headlines for being dangerous include Levaquin®, Accutane®, Yasmin®/YAZ®, Avandia®, VIOXX®, and Celebrex®. Dangerous drugs often cause an increased risk of the following health problems: kidney damage, liver damage, heart disease, stroke, blood clots, and even death.

Contact a Product Liability Attorney

If you have been injured from using a defective product or taking a defective drug, contact Denver personal injury attorney J. Todd Tenge, serving Boulder, Fort Collins, and surrounding Colorado areas. Mr. Tenge will thoroughly review your case with you and determine whether you have a valid claim.