Legal Counsel after a Plane, Train, Cruise Ship, or Bus Accident

Millions of Americans put their faith in public transportation every day. We depend on planes, trains, and buses to get us safely from one destination to another, and we trust that when we board a cruise ship, we’ll have an enjoyable and safe vacation. When these transportation systems are compromised by operator error or negligence, defective products, or a breach in security – and cause catastrophic physical injuries and fatalities- victims have the right to take legal action for monetary compensation. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a mass transit accident, contact attorney J. Todd Tenge, serving Boulder, Fort Collins, Denver, and nearby Colorado locations, to speak with him and the talented Tenge Law Firm, LLC team about your options for pursuing a lawsuit and financial compensation.

About Mass Transit Accidents

Unfortunately, because of the size and capacity of planes, trains, buses, and cruise ships, an accident can be fatal. The owners, administrators, and operators of these vehicles have a responsibility to their passengers, and when they make mistakes that cost innocent passengers their lives, they should be held accountable. Families of victims who have been injured or died in plane, train, cruise, or bus accidents may pursue legal action – either against the railroad who failed to properly maintain the train or the tracks, or the busing company that sent out a vehicle with a defective auto part, or the airplane manufacturer who installed a faulty part.

Types of Mass Transit Accidents

  • Bus accidents: With traffic just getting worse and worse, increasing gas prices, and attempts to live more “green,”, people are taking buses to and from work and school every day. These motor vehicles include school buses, inter-city buses, and transit buses. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported 58,000 bus accidents in 2009, with 12,000 people injured.
  • Railroad accidents: The Department of Transportation reports that 1,155 passengers were injured in railroad accidents in 2009. Common types of railroad accidents include collisions with passenger motor vehicles, collisions between trains, derailments, and pedestrian accidents.
  • Cruise ship accidents: Cruise ship operators have a responsibility to keep passengers safe and secure, and ensure that there are no dangerous conditions on board that could injure a passenger. Accidents can occur because of poor maintenance, lax security, or incompetent or untrained employees. Cruise ship owners and operators can be held liable for any injuries incurred because of these conditions.
  • Plane crashes: Though aviation accidents are fairly rare in comparison to the number of flight hours logged every year, a plane crash can be fatal to everyone on board. Common causes of plane crashes are pilot error, equipment malfunction, or a security breach.

Hiring an Attorney after a Mass Transit Accident

Mass transit accident litigation can be highly complex, especially in the case of an airplane crash, where jurisdictional issues may arise. Injured victims and their families need to enlist the services of an experienced, qualified mass transit accident attorney. When you hire the Tenge Law Firm, LLC to represent you, they will confidently advise you of your legal rights and how best to hold the operator or manufacturer of the bus, plane, cruise ship, or railroad on which you were injured accountable for their negligence. To learn more about filing a mass transit accident claim, please contact attorney J. Todd Tenge today to schedule a complimentary personal consultation.

Contact a Lawyer at the Tenge Law Firm, LLC

If you or a loved one has been severely injured in a mass transit accident, attorney J. Todd Tenge, serving Boulder, Denver, and Fort Collins, can help you. If your accident was caused by negligence on the part of the driver or the company who operates the fleet, you may be entitled to recover significant financial damages. Contact a Denver injury attorney at the Tenge Law Firm, LLC today to schedule a free consultation.