Did an Accident Cause Facial Scars, Pain, or Disfigurement?

Just as the bones in your arms and legs can be broken in a crash, so can the bones in your head. A skull or facial fracture is extremely dangerous – since these bones are so close to the brain, any break may result in traumatic brain injuries.

When a skull or facial fracture is caused by the recklessness of another person, it is important to hold that person accountable for his or her actions. Filing a personal injury claim is not only a way for you to receive compensation for a serious accident, but to make sure people are held responsible for what they do. Do not try to handle a claim on your own – no amount of Internet research or DIY documents can compare to the knowledge of a top Denver personal injury lawyer.

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What Are Some Types of Skull and Facial Fractures?

Quite simply, skull and facial fractures are broken bones that occur in the head. These injuries are extremely serious – if you notice swelling, bleeding, bruising, or pain in your head and face after an accident, seek immediate medical attention.

The different types of fractures are categorized by how serious the injury is and where it occurs. Severity includes:

  • Simple – the bones of the skull or face are broken, but the skin is intact.
  • Linear – this is a thin, straight break to the skull or facial bone.
  • Depressed – this is a break accompanied by the bone being crushed and pushed in toward the brain.
  • Comminuted – the bones are broken in a complex fracture and tear through the skin.

Locations for skull and facial fractures include:

  • Nasal fractures involve the bones in the nose (broken nose).
  • Mandible fractures involve the lower jaw.
  • Zygomatic fractures involve the cheekbones.
  • Maxillary fractures involve the upper jaw – classified as “Le Fort” fractures.
  • Orbital fractures involve the bones around the eyes.
  • Frontal bone fractures involve the forehead.

What Causes Skull and Facial Fractures?

Although any violent blow to the head can cause a skull fracture, certain events are more likely to cause them than others. These include:

  • Vehicle Collisions – The high speeds and powerful forces of a car crash can cause all sorts of injuries. Lack of seatbelts and other safety equipment, like airbags, can make head injuries more likely.
  • Falls – In a serious slip-and-fall, the victim’s head can strike an object or the ground, causing a skull or facial fracture. This is particularly common on stairs, which can be deadly if covered in ice during the Denver winter.
  • Sports Accidents – Impacts between players can be dangerous, and so can hard contact with sporting equipment.
  • Workplace Accidents – Working around heavy and powerful machinery makes head injuries more dangerous when they do happen. This is why hard hats should be provided to everyone on a construction worksite.
  • Violence – Person-on-person violence, whether weapons are used or not, can cause serious head injuries.

Involved in a Serious Accident? You Need a Top Attorney

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