Representation After an Accident With a Government Vehicle in Boulder

In Boulder and all of Colorado, car accident cases are usually fairly simple. The driver who caused the crash is legally liable for your injuries. However, when a government vehicle is involved, an auto accident case can be more complicated. If you were seriously injured in an accident, it is in your best interests to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney.

What Makes Accidents Involving Government Vehicles More Complicated?

Several factors can make an accident with a government vehicle more complicated than the typical car accident case.


Under the Colorado Governmental Immunity Act (CGIA) government entities and auxiliary institutions of the state have immunity from many types of lawsuits. This protection extends to county and city governments, as well as universities and colleges. If a city, county, or state employee causes an accident in the course of employment, victims can sue the government entity employer for damages. However, there are specific procedural requirements with this type of claim and the amount of damages you can recover is limited.


The statute of limitations (time limit imposed by law) in Colorado is three years from the date of injury for car accidents and two years for other types of personal injury claims. If you are involved in a crash with a government vehicle, however, you have only 180 days from the date of the accident in which to file an administrative claim with the agency concerned, after which time your claim is forever barred.


In addition to the time limit for filing a claim, the CGIA places restrictions on filing a lawsuit in civil court. You are prohibited from filing suit until the responsible government agency denies your claim or 90 days have passed, whichever comes first.


In most Colorado car accident cases, injured parties (plaintiffs) are allowed to claim a sufficient amount of damages to make them “whole” again. If the at-fault driver is a Colorado government employee who was on the job when the crash occurred, damages are limited to $300,000 for one victim and $990,000 for two or more injured people.

Types of Government Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle collisions can occur with all types of government vehicles in a wide range of accident scenarios. For example, you may be:

  • Hit by a U.S. mail truck
  • Involved in a crash with a city garbage truck
  • Sideswiped by a police car careening by in hot pursuit of a criminal
  • Rear-ended by a public works utility vehicle
  • T-boned by a fire truck rushing to respond to an emergency

Why You Need an Attorney

Accidents with government vehicles are complex cases involving shorter time limits and different procedural requirements than the typical car accident case. There are strict filing deadlines, restrictions on when you can file a lawsuit, and limitations on how much you can recover in damages.

If you have been injured in a crash caused by the driver of a government vehicle, your best course of action is to hire a Boulder car accident lawyer with the legal knowledge and experience to effectively handle your claim.

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